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Address: 1413 Park Rd NW
Phone: 202-387-3725
Contact: Gracie Rolling, Director
Hours: 9:00AM-4:30PM, M-F
Appt: Need to Register
Fee: Free
Eligible: all, mainly in Wards 1 & 4
Bilingual: English/Spanish

How to Support Change, Inc

History of Change, Inc

Emergency Services, Crisis Intervention and Counseling

The Emergency Services program is the most Comprehensive and active program of Change, Inc. Its staff is trained to assess the needs of clients and take immediate action to correct the situation. Crisis counseling is provided, emergency cash payments are distributed when necessary.

Emergency assistance with utility companies is available as well as intervention in landlord-tenant disputes and assistance with dealing with agencies regarding impending cut-off of benefits. Referral to housing agencies which disburse emergency rent payments is provided; emergency food and household items can be issued when necessary.

Change, Inc. also provides emergency transportation for medical and other situations, referral to shelter in the case of danger from spousal or child abuse and behavior caused by substance abuse, and can arrange for immediately needed laundry services and clothing. Emergency weatherization repairs are also arranged.

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Employment and Career Development

The Employment and Career Development program can open the door to gainful employment for participants. Information and assistance in registering for employment and training programs and vocational training is provided. At all times in the process, cultural diversity is respected and local officials are used to improve the clients chances of success.

A comprehensive job counseling and referral system, including training in job hunting skills, referral to job clubs and instruction in job identification is available. Job fairs are held and job bank listings are identified. Change, Inc. will assist in setting up job interviews, provide appropriate dress for the occasion if necessary. A Summer Youth Employment Program assists the young unemployed in building much-needed skills for their future work life.

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Youth Services

Change, Inc. operates a program to help youth fulfill community service requirements in preparation for graduation from high school. Area youth are also trained in cultural awareness and career development. Information and enrollment in GEL programs and referrals to vocational training programs and college opportunities are provided.

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Education Development

The Education program promotes advancement through education of its participants. Adult education program information is provided, including enrollment in GED/ABE classes. Tutoring is provided in students' homes, and recreation and socialization are encouraged.

Residents can obtain counseling in enrolling in general education classes, take Saturday computer classes in word processing to enhance their employment opportunities, and get information about enrolling in college and technical school enrollment.

Workshops are held on colleges and scholarships programs, and Change, Inc. co-sponsors the Education Opportunity Center's Annual College Tour.

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Income Management

The Income Management program provides budget and credit counseling through its Household Financial Counseling program. It operates workshops in consumer education, preparing and using a household budget, and energy workshops on promoting savings in energy use. It provides information on food buying clubs such as Project Share, clothing and household goods banks, car pools, and laundry services. Assistance is also provided for federal and state tax return preparation. Services are coordinated with other agencies to keep residents informed.

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Housing Counseling and Assistance

The Housing program is dedicated to helping all residents live in decency and with dignity. It enthusiastically promotes home ownership through counseling and assistance in loan preparation. It provides tenant advocacy counseling in landlord/tenant disputes, helps prevent eviction, provides delinquent/default/displacement assistance, and assists with obtaining rent subsidies.

The housing placement program provides referral to programs in many other agencies to place the client in proper appropriate housing.

Home maintenance workshops and counseling are also provided for those already established in housing, to keep them up-to-date on how to properly maintain their home

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Nutrition Counseling and Assistance

The Nutrition program devotes itself to providing counseling and supply of services relating to proper nutrition. It makes available surplus foodstuffs and commodities, operates a food pantry five days a week, provides food baskets, and encourages participation in food coupon exchange. Consumer awareness workshops are held, along with programs and demonstrations on food preparation, healthy eating and nutrition counseling. Hot meal programs are held periodically, and a gleaning program is operated, giving residents the opportunity to obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Health Counseling and Assistance

The Health program works to ensure the health of all residents through the providing of information and referral to appropriate programs and agencies.

Medical and dental screenings can be arranged by the staff, as well as referrals to clinics, hospital, and substance abuse centers, from an up-to-date listing of area health programs and services. Transportation to medical services can also be arranged; immunization services are available, as well as substance abuse counseling.

Change, Inc. also holds health education workshops, detailing prevention of disease, drug and alcohol abuse and informing as to the latest techniques of health maintenance.

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Linkages Program

The Linkage program serves as the liaison between Change, Inc. and government and social services agencies. This program coordinates efforts between agencies, ensuring effective delivery of services to low income individuals. It also provides outreach services and trains volunteers for a wide range of community programs. This allows Change, Inc. to properly assess residents' needs, notifying them about available programs.

The program maintains contact with churches, block groups, local business and civic leaders. It also uses flyers, city and neighborhood hotlines, canvassing, telephone calls, media such as local cable tv and local newsletters,flyers, and word of mouth to further outreach.

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How to Support Change, Inc

Community participation and support will ensure the continued operation of Change, Inc. You can support this organization by volunteering your services, donating food, clothing and household goods, and/or offering financial contributions.

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History of Change, Inc

Change, Inc. has been the leading social services center in the upper Cardoza area of Washington for over thirty years. It is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the area residents, especially those who are disadvantaged, through its numerous programs and activities.

Change, Inc. was initially developed by a small number of interested people from other area agencies. These individuals, with the assistance of scores of others, shaped Change, Inc. into the large and successful social service agency it is today.

Change, Inc. successfully filed its charter in the District of Columbia on July 17, 1966. Since then it has helped thousands of residents through its various branches such as Emergency Services and Crisis Intervention, Nutrition Counseling, Income Management, Education Development and Youth Services.

The excellent standards embodied by Change, Inc.'s programs today exist to ensure that future community action leaders will be carry on the quality work of the founders of Change, Inc. so that future generations will benefit from its constant commitment to excellence and service.

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Board Officers
President: Therman Walker
Vice President: Preston Hursey, Jr.
Treasurer: John Manning

Executive Director
Gracie M. Rolling

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