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  Holt House Home PageHolt House Home Page

Table of Contents

A Chronology of American Slavery
Revised January 1, 2000

Holt House Media Coverage

Post ArticleWashington Post Holt Article, September 13, 1998 - The Ghosts of Jackson Hill
City Paper Arrticle Washington City Paper, April 3-9, 1998 - History of Cemetery
radio transcript WAMU Radio Transcript, Oct. 25, 1997 - Zoo's Chief of Public Affairs Interviewed
Current Atrticle Northwest Current, July 23, 1997 - Holt House History
InTowner, May 1997 - Zoo Breaking Law

Letters And Transcripts

Freedom Of Information Act Requests To The Smithsonian
Letter to the Smithsonion from Eddie Becker - Freedom Of Information Act Appeal
ANC-3C Letter to Zoo - Supporting Preservation of Holt House
Transcript of a Meeting of Zoo Officials and ANC-1C


The Holt House
Cemetery Site
Skull Exhumed From Cemetary near Holt House
Geological Survey Map Of Holt House Area


Update July 21, 1998 - More Desecration of Cemetery
Update, July 1, 1998 - Cellar Damage
Update, April 9,1998
Update, February 6, 1998
Update, Summer, 1998 - Congress Cuts Funds For Holt House Maintenance


  Chronology Award
  Chronology Award

Research Documents on the Cemetery - From the National Zoo
Tips on Researching Slavery in Washington, DC
National Register of Historic Places - Washington DC Sites


Out of Obscurity
The Struggle To Desegregate America's Libraries
Film available from California Newsreel.
In 1939, just before World War II broke out, five young men staged a civil protest to open the Alexandria, Virginia public library to African Americans. One by one they walked into the library and asked for library cards. When they were refused, each sat down at a separate table with a book quietly reading. A library clerk who saw them panicked, yelling, "There are colored people all over the library". The police were summoned and the men were arrested. By the time the men left the library a crowd had gathered outside and a news reporter who had been tipped off to the protest snapped their picture. A few days later, their story was buried under the news about Hitler's invasion of Poland. The mastermind behind the Alexandria library sit-in was Samuel Wilbert Tucker, a 26-year-old local lawyer who had learned about passive resistance from Howard University theology professor Howard Thurman. Tucker used the protest to file a lawsuit to end the exclusion of African Americans from the public library.
------ Producer: Matt Spangler, Co-Directors: Matt Spangler and Eddie Becker. 40 minutes.

Juneteenth and the History of Slavery Remembered
Radio Documentary (6 minute mp3 audio file)
Walter Hill, Senior Archivist, National Archives and Records Administration, questions the legacy and memory of slavery and independent historian, CR Gibbs provides the background to Juneteenth. Original music by Courtney Dowe, City of Bones. Based on the writing of Amiri Baraka. Originally broadcast June 19, 2002 for the Pacifica Radio Network Juneteenth Commemoration (WPFW-FM, Washington, DC). Produced by Eddie Becker.

Florida Vote and the History of Racial Fraud
Radio Documentary (4.5 minute mp3 audio file)
Historian, Russell Adams, Howard University, places the Florida vote into the context of old southern Jim Crow vote fraud. Then historian, CR Gibbs speaks on the civil rights record (or lack of one), of the state of Florida and how little Florida has changed since Reconstruction. Original music by Courtney Dowe. Songs “Walking” and “The Day Will Come”. Originally broadcast June 19, 2002 for the Pacifica Radio Network Juneteenth Commemoration (WPFW-FM, Washington, DC) Produced by Eddie Becker

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