5 easy (and DC-centric) Halloween costume ideas


The red fox was spotted near the Capitol in April. Michael Macagnole/CQ Appeal via Getty Images

In honor of the spooky season, we’ve compiled a list of DC-themed costumes for you to put together at the last minute.

🐀 A Popeyes rat – The crude viral video showing a group of rats scaling the walls of a now-closed Southeast Popeyes had DC in a stranglehold for some time.

  • The costume: rat ears (could be made out of cardboard), whiskers drawn with paint or eyeliner, and a box of Popeyes chickens.

🚇 A 7000 series train – We all desperately want the shiny Metro trains to come back and bring shorter wait times.

  • The Costume: Stick (or draw) a wanted sign with a 7000 train on a t-shirt.

🎼 Lizzo’s historic flute moment – Just last month, the pop star (and classically trained flautist) wowed fans by playing a few notes on James Madison’s crystal flute at her DC show.

  • The Costume: Wear a glittery leotard with boots and hold a flute (or enchant a $1.25 recorder).

🏊🏻‍♀️ Lorde’s bath in the Potomac – In August, the singer admitted to swimming in the Potomac before her show at The Anthem.

  • The Costume: Hold a microphone (created easily with a paper towel roll) and wear a swimsuit. Bonus points if you add a blonde wig.

🦊 The Capitol Hill fox – The cute but rabid creature terrified journalists, clerks and lawmakers on the hill for about a day before being captured and euthanized.

  • The costume: fox ears (also easy to create out of cardboard or paper), a nose and whiskers drawn with eyeliner or paint, and a kind of tail.
  • To take it a step further… You could also be the fox that killed 25 flamingos at the zoo in May… we’ll let you design your own costumes for it.

Did we miss clever DC costumes? Email us your best ideas and we’ll update the list and give you a thank you.


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