A deeper look into the design goal of the first round of the NY Giants, Ikem Ekwonu


With the NY Giants lagging towards the end of yet another disappointing season, help could be on the way with the chance of two top 10 picks in the next 2022 NFL draft next spring

The NY Giants currently hold 5th and 6th picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, with the 5th pick being their own and the 8th pick coming from the Chicago Bears if the NFL regular season ends today.

Since the NY Giants’ current roster has tons of holes, this is a great opportunity for them to fill those holes by calling up some star players.

One of the players the Giants should target with one of their top picks in the draft is North Carolina’s Ikem Ekwonu.

Ikem Ekwonu is a 6-foot-4, 320-pound beast of an offensive tackle from the US state of NC who has quickly climbed onto the draft boards this season. If Ekwonu is available when the NY Giants make their selections, they should consider designing it.

Let’s take a deeper look at the NY Giants’ design goal, Ikem Ekwonu:

Ikem Ekwonu has quickly climbed the draft charts this season and has likely become one of the top 10 picks any team would look forward to. Ekwonu is a massive dual-threat offensive tackle that scores a rating of 93.8 in run-blocking snaps and 78.3 in pass-blocking snaps per PFF.

With his immense power and fantastic technique, Ekwonu easily dominates opposing defenders off the line. With deadly power in his hands, Ekwonu tosses defenders around in the running game.

A great example of this is in this piece Here:

Ekwonu (# 79) moves up to the second level and places his hands perfectly on the opposing linebacker, then he combines that hand placement and his immense power to simply knock his opponent to the ground.

Another example of this is in this piece Here:

Ekwonu pulls to the left, locating his target and placing his hands perfectly on his defender, using this combination of strength and hand technique to turn his defender over and knock him to the ground.

When you watch the NY Giants fight so mightily in the running game, it only makes sense to pull a player like Ekwonu, who is a tremendous run blocker.

Before we dive into the rest of Ikem Ekwonu’s strengths, let’s take a look at what is probably Ekwonu’s greatest weakness.

Ikem Ekwonu often struggles with the pass rush moves of opposing defenders. While Ekwonu has solid lateral posability it gets less solid when it comes to his ability to turn inward when blocking pass, his great hand technique can sometimes make up for this, but it’s still a problem.

While this is something that can be fixed at the next level, it could hamper his ability to properly get through the block in the NFL. This is one of the reasons some NFL scouts believe Ekwonu’s ideal position is on guard.

Even with those fights in the pass blocking game, Ekwonu put up some pretty solid stats that only allowed 3 sacks, 0 QB rush, and 10 QB rush in 12 games.

Another thing people like about Ekwonu is its balanced use of length on blocking snapshots. In my previous deep dive on Evan Neal, I mentioned that he has a tendency to hyperextend his arms and fall over, this is not the case with Ekwonu.

Ikem Ekwonu has an enormous balance in the running game, comes off the line and into the 2nd level to dominate opposing defenders.

Ekwonu’s hand technique and strength are without a doubt my favorite aspects of his game, it is unusual for a tackle with such immense strength to have great technique, Ikem Ekwonu has both.

Ikem Ekwonu has all the tools and potential to become an instant star in the NFL. It’s not every day that you see an offensive tackle that is dominant in both runs and pass-block opportunities. If Ekwonu is still available when the NY Giants make their pick they should consider drawing him, whether keeping Ekwonu on the tackle or keeping him on guard, he’ll be a much-needed upgrade to a battling NY Giants run Game offer.


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