A summary of DC’s WeWorks


To avoid the drudgery of his kitchen and the occasional drive to Axios global headquarters in Clarendon, Axios publisher Nicholas Johnston has begun testing the district’s WeWorks.

Why it matters: This could be the future of work, man! A little bit at home, a little bit in the office, a little bit elsewhere.

Nick has been to four WeWorks so far, so here’s a first ranking in ascending order.

# 4 West End. 1875 K St NW.

  • Definitely the smallest so far but not very crowded, so access to the private phone booths is very easy. The common area is small and only gets natural light from a central light shaft so it was cloudy all day. Seemed like good lunch specials but I had too many zooms that day.

# 3 Mount Vernon Square. 655 New York Ave. NW Big and spacious and lots of natural light.

  • If you look south you only see other buildings, but facing north, are some cool views over Shaw. Not very busy and no problems with phone booths. Lunch is a bit of a chore as you have to cross New York and Massachusetts Avenues to get to Chinatown.

# 2 naval shipyard. 80 M Str.SE. Large, expansive location over the first three floors of a building (it’s huge!).

  • Something is being built outside, but very beautiful inside. Lots of public areas but it’s a third floor hike if you need to do a sparkling water run.
  • No problem finding phone booths but the disguise inevitably leads to jokes about making Zoom calls from a sauna. Easily the busiest place on the day I was there. Lots of options for lunch on First Street SE. Definitely the place to be to work when you have Nats tickets.

# 1 Chinatown. Lots of great natural light on two floors with a cool view of Mt. Vernon Square (although it’s really just an Apple Store).

  • Super easy access to what’s left in Chinatown for lunch. But here’s the kicker: some of the desks in the common area are old-fashioned video games too! Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman, Zaxxon, BurgerTime !!! This zoom diversion surpasses this location by a mile.
BurgerTime arcade game. Photo: Nicholas Johnston / Axios
  • Get free WiFi and all the hot coffee, cold brew, lime soda, and kombucha to drink with a $ 29 day pass.

What’s next: When Nick visits the other five locations in the district, we’ll keep you posted (but don’t expect reports from the WeWorks in Ballston, Clarendon, or waaaay out in College Park).

  • And if you think Some of those judgments are terrible – or you know better options in town – turn Nick down [email protected].

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