A White House wedding? Jill Biden says granddaughter Naomi, who just got engaged, hasn’t asked yet


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There has been no wedding in the White House since the Nixon administration. But that could change soon.

Earlier this month, Naomi Biden, granddaughter of President Joe Biden and step-granddaughter of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Peter Neal.

If the couple is thinking of tying the knot at the historic home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they haven’t made an official request.

“We haven’t been asked yet,” said Dr. Biden, 70, The New York Times in an interview posted on Sunday when asked about hosting the wedding at the presidential residence in Washington, DC

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President Joe Biden's granddaughter Naomi engaged to Peter Neal:

President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi is engaged to Peter Neal: “Forever”

Naomi Biden / Instagram

Naomi, 27, is a graduate of Colombian law and the eldest daughter of President’s son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle Biden.

It’s safe to say that if she and her fiancé – who was reportedly interned for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and in the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency – decide they want to hold a White House wedding, they will have no problems will help their hardworking grandparents achieve this.

“I talk to all five of my grandchildren every day. Either on the phone or I’ll text them, ”President Biden told Anderson Cooper in March 2020.

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“He takes our calls no matter where he is,” Naomi said in an interview with PBS Newshour in 2020. “He’s going to be on the stage giving a speech and we would call him and he would say, ‘What’s going on ?!’ “

“We grew up together,” added Naomi of the family. Her grandfather made sure that “every single tradition, every holiday, we are all together … I think there was no decision, no matter how big or small, that we as a family did not make.”

Wedding of Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox

Wedding of Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox

Bettmann / Getty From left: First Lady Pat Nixon, President Richard Nixon, Tricia Nixon and Edward Finch Cox.

White House weddings have a long history.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon’s daughter Tricia Nixon married Edward Finch Cox in an outdoor ceremony in the Rose Garden that was attended by 400 guests. A reception followed in the East Room.

In 1967 Lynda Johnson, daughter of President Lydon Baines Johnson and his wife Lady Bird Johnson, married Marine Capt. Charles Robb at a ceremony in the East Room.

Wedding of Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox

Wedding of Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox

Bettmann / Getty The wedding of Tricia Nixon and Edward Finch Cox at the White House.

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There were 18 weddings hosted by American presidents and their wives, starting with Lucy Payne Washington, sister of First Lady Dolley Madison, who married Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd in 1812.

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