Anger at the Pentagon comes from both sides of the aisle


Marco Rubio of Florida, the second-rate Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, announced that he had sent a letter to Biden demanding Milley’s resignation, citing reports from Peril journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa which said Milley had secret back-channel calls with his Chinese counterpart after the deadly January 6 riot at the Capitol over concerns that Trump could fire nuclear weapons and that he instructed senior Pentagon officials not to order them without carrying out his involvement.

Rubio wrote that Milley’s action threatened to “destroy the long-standing principle of civilian control of the military in our nation.”

Democrats want answers

Meanwhile, Democrats led the interrogation of another New York Times news report that a US drone strike during the evacuation of Afghanistan last month did not kill a terrorist, as the Pentagon has claimed, but killed an Afghan worker for one U.S. government-supported humanitarian group and several of its children.

Minnesota-based Betty McCollum, the second-tier Democrat on the House Defense Grants subcommittee, tweeted, “We need answers as to why a US contractor and 7 children were killed.” Another House Democrat, Judy Chu of California, reiterated the request for an investigation.

The bipartisan outcry showed that Biden’s problem of clearing away the Afghanistan debacle will be more complex and difficult than repelling the Republicans’ blame.

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