Beaverton’s Sam Noyer calls it a “privilege” to start quarterback for Oregon State


CORVALLIS – When Sam Noyer found out he was the Oregon State quarterback for the 2021 season opener against Purdue, he knew who his first call had to be.

To a duck.

Matt Noyer is Oregon’s director of football operations but also speaks to his younger brother Sam on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that Matt was the first to hear about his new gig from Sam.

“He’s a role model,” Noyer said of Matt.

Noyer, who moved to OSU from Colorado in June, fought with three teammates for the starting job during prep camp. Three days after the end, coach Jonathan Smith and offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren concluded that the sixth grader was the best option for the beavers under the circumstances.

Fifth year junior Tristan Gebbia had to bend late in camp due to sore muscles in his hamstring. Chance Nolan, who appeared in the last three Oregon State games last season, made a late push at camp for the job. Newbie Sam Vidlak, while showing promise, struggled with three quarterbacks with Pac-12 launch experience.

It all came down to Noyer, who was quick to tell his brother, and then partied with the family on Sunday night at his parents’ home in Beaverton.

It has not escaped Noyer that he is a kid in the state who grew up playing for the big state school. Noyer is the first Oregonian to start serving as Oregon State quarterback since Ryan Gunderson, a Central Catholic Church graduate, assumed the role in 2005.

“It is an honor to represent Oregon State University and my home state, my home state. It’s a privilege, ”said Noyer. “Now we have to win a few games.”

Lindgren said it wasn’t an easy decision, even after Gebbia was unexpectedly eliminated. The coaches chose Noyer because of his experience – 26 games in Colorado, second-team quarterback for all conferences in 2020 – and his accuracy on deep balls.

Noyer’s biggest challenge is getting a quick degree. He will run for the state of Oregon less than three months after approving the transfer. While Noyer’s 26 college game experience allows him to cut corners, it remains a difficult task to grasp the nuances of a new offensive system in less than 90 days.

“It’s fast, and it will continue to be fast as you get to the next level. It was really good for me to get used to it, ”said Noyer. “I am very convinced of the whole playbook. I have the feeling that I know it inside out. “

The puzzle, if it can be categorized that way, is how to keep the job. What’s stopping Noyer from looking over his shoulder and wondering if a bad pass here or there is causing Nolan to come into play? Or let the competition rethink in a few weeks when Gebbia’s hamstring feels better?

Lindgren, a former quarterback, believes this won’t be a problem. He said the OSU quarterback understand the tough competition between the top four.

“It will force the boys to do their best,” said Lindgren. “We’re going to bring someone in there who’ll move the ball. We have the feeling that Sam is the right person and we’ll see how it goes. “

Noyer says this is the life of a quarterback. Better to have thick skin. He returned to last season when Noyer said his coaches said, in short, you play or we’ll look elsewhere.

“That’s how this game works. You can’t worry. You have to focus on the game and the task at hand, ”said Noyer.

Noyer said he didn’t come to Oregon “to sit on the bench,” but he does enjoy the mentality of his fellow quarterback colleagues. You want his job. Bad.

At the moment, however, it is owned by Noyer.

“This space has remained tight. I assume that it will remain tight. As best we can, we’ll help each other defeat Purdue, ”said Noyer.

In a perfect world, Noyer leads Oregon State into a dream season and turns his brother into a Beaver fan. He hopes for one thing, not so much for the other.

“I don’t know if his job allows it,” Noyer said with a laugh. “I’m sure he will stand up for us. I know deep down that in 11 of these 12 games he wants the best for me and the best for our team. “

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