Black Voters Matter ends freedom rides for voting rights in Washington DC


The constituency Black Voters Matter achieved the goal of their eight-day Freedom Ride for Voting Rights. The Blackest Bus in America made its final stop in Washington DC on Saturday June 26th at the National Mall, where group co-founders Cliff Albright and LaTosha Brown, as well as drivers with several other groups, meet to vote for the vote advertise DC statehood and more pressing issues.

The NAACP’s DC Chapter, Until Freedom, Transformative Justice Coalition, People for the American Way, and the National Organization for Women, will attend, among others.

The bus ride began at Juneteenth in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s rolled through Birmingham, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, West Virginia, and a handful of other cities before reaching DC. According to a press release from Black Voters Matter, the main goals of the trip are to “raise public awareness of the threat of voter suppression laws being introduced in states across the country” and “provide partners, organizers, activists and black voters through a two-hour Freedom School.” -Workshop ”in strategic locations in the south. The group also aims to draw media attention to the political injustices that are being committed against voters across the country.

Brown gathered the crowd in front of the Supreme Court building. “I’m from Selma, Alabama, and people on Edmund Pettus Bridge asked themselves the same question they asked today,“ When will America give us the democracy we deserve? How long it will take? I want to see the beautiful faces you see behind me right now, we built this country, we pay taxes, we show up every day, we make this country better, ”she said. “When do we get the justice we deserve? When will our rights be protected? We have been coming to this place for hundreds of years … We have asked the Supreme Court for an appeal that actually protects the right to vote. And many of us even went up here in 2013 and came by bus. ”

“We were sitting at the hearing and just like we said we would see a flurry of electoral repression and the opening of the floodgates,” she continued. “With this verdict, it opened the floodgates for what we are currently dealing with. Right now, before we left for the freedom rides, there were over 100,000 people the Republican foreign minister said he was going to remove from the electoral list. In addition, we have been through the year after year. When America? When will we in America get the fullness of what we have been promised, what our democratic rights are? “

Check out the event below:

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