Candidate Profile: Eleanor Holmes Norton For DC’s delegates at the convention


WASHINGTON, DC – Eleanor Holmes Norton, a third-generation Washington native, has been the district delegate to the US Congress for 31 years.

Norton is on the ballot for the June 21 Democratic Party primary. She faces off against two challengers – Rev. Wendy Hamilton and Kelly Mikel Williams. The winner will face Republican Nelson F. Rimensnyder in the November 8 general election.

Patch has asked each of the candidates running in select races to fill out a questionnaire, sharing facts about themselves and why voters should choose them to represent their party in November.

office wanted

Delegate to the US House of Representatives

party affiliation



Bachelors degree – Antioch College, Law degree and Masters degree from Yale University


Delegate to the US House of Representatives – age 31


I am a third-generation Washingtonian and the mother of one son, John Holmes Norton, and one daughter, Katherine Felicia Norton

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government?



85 years old

Previous public office, appointment or election

Appointed Chairman of the United States Commission on Equal Opportunity by President Jimmy Carter.

Why are you looking for this position?

I am running to continue my work in bringing home benefits to residents of the District of Columbia

Please complete this statement: The single most pressing issue facing my constituents is ___, and that’s what I intend to do about it.

Statehood, DC residents pay more federal taxes per capita than any state and more federal taxes overall than 21 states. I intend to continue my efforts to bring statehood to the residents of the District of Columbia.

What is your position on DC statehood?

My DC Statehood Bill passed twice in the House of Representatives. According to a recent poll, DC statehood now has 54% support statewide. I will continue to work with local and national organizations to push for DC statehood on all social platforms to show the nation the significant impact of lack of statehood on DC

How would you address gun violence in the district?

Gun violence is the leading cause of death among children and young people. House Democrats have legislation in place, including universal background checks and raising the purchase age to 21, to end gun violence and save lives in every community across the country. Republicans in Congress have tried for years to repeal DC’s gun violence prevention laws, including bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, but I have thwarted every attempt.

What are the main differences between you and the other candidates applying for this position?

My experience and seniority in Congress.

If you challenge an incumbent, how has the current incumbent failed the fellowship?

N / A

What other topics do you want to address during your campaign?

The District of Columbia Tuition Assistance Grant Program (DCTAG), which helps DC students attend a public college or university in the United States.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence that you can handle this job?

Being recognized by the Center for Effective Lawmaking as one of the Chamber’s Most Effective Lawmakers is a testament to my wisdom, skill and bravery.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

The best advice I was given was to keep fighting for the people of the District of Columbia.

Is there anything else you would like to tell voters about yourself and your positions?

I want voters to know that while statehood is my ultimate goal, there are other things to be achieved.



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