Casa Ruby is about to close after DC fails to extend funding – NBC4 Washington


One of the longest-serving shelters for young LGBTQ homeless people in DC loses nearly $ 1 million in DC government funding.

The founder of Casa Ruby says that after over 20 years she will be forced to close her doors.

The shelter provides a safe place to stay or support services for LGBTQ youth.

“We’re the lifeline of people with nowhere to go,” said founder Ruby Corado.

Last week, Corado was informed by the DC Department of Human Services that she would not receive her annual $ 839,000 grant to help fund the shelter.

“In two days, Casa Ruby will close the doors to vulnerable people because we don’t have the resources,” Corado said.

She said she was shocked by the decision. She has been a political supporter of Mayor Muriel Bowser for years, and Bowser is a vocal supporter of Corado and her work.

DC Director of Human Services Laura Zeilinger said she admired Corado and their advocacy, and while she wouldn’t go into details, she said there were problems with the services that Casa Ruby was given money for

“The point is to ensure that the requirements of the grant are taken into account, that in the event of deficiencies, these deficiencies, sufficient time and support was made available to remedy them,” said Zeilinger.

Corado says no one spoke to her about problems.

“You don’t leave people without support, people with nothing, when we’re close to hypothermia season,” Corado said.

“We are confident that we can continue to meet the needs of young people,” said Zeilinger.

“We’ll move them elsewhere on our continuum,” she added. “We have beds and we have beds available, including beds specifically designed for LGBTQ.”

Casa Ruby started a GoFundMe campaign but didn’t raise nearly enough money to replace the grant.


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