CEO Pay Ratio Tax Bill Could Take A New Breath In Congress As A Revenue Stream | Local


Sanders said in a statement that “the American people understand that today we are moving towards a form of oligarchic society where the very rich are doing wonderfully and working families are struggling in a way that we do not have. not seen since the Great Depression “.

“In an age of massive income and wealth inequality, the American people demand that large, profitable corporations pay their fair share of taxes and treat their employees with the dignity and respect they deserve. This is what this legislation will start to do.

The left-wing Institute for Policy Studies determined that of the 50 publicly traded U.S. companies with the largest pay gaps in 2018, “the typical employee would have to work at least 1,000 years to earn what their CEO made in one “.

Topping the local list is the general manager of Lowes Cos. Inc., Marvin Ellison, whose CEO pay ratio was $ 940 to $ 1 based on Ellison’s total compensation of $ 23.07 million and median worker compensation of $ 24,554. Ellison received $ 1.45 million in wages, or $ 59.06 for every $ 1 earned by the median worker.

Next up was the Managing Director of Hanesbrands Inc., Stephen Bratspies, who took office in August 2020. Bratspies received $ 4.83 million in total compensation, including $ 458,333 in salary.

Meanwhile, the median annual employee compensation was $ 6,900 for nearly 61,000 Hanesbrands employees, about 88% of whom work in Central America, the Caribbean Basin and Asia. The median employee was determined to be a production operator at a supply chain facility in Honduras.


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