Congress rejects Biden’s proposed biosecurity program cut


The whirlwind of controversy surrounding the Pentagon‘s normally obscure biological program and related issues comes the same week that US intelligence agencies warned in unusually harsh terms that the threat of both pandemics and biological warfare is increasing – a warning that hardly ever gets received public attention.

“Countries worldwide remain vulnerable to the emergence of a novel pathogen that could trigger a devastating new pandemic,” the report said. Disease drivers, the report says, include deforestation, wildlife harvesting and trade, ranching and climate change. The threat is being accelerated by “international travel and trade, inadequate global disease surveillance and control, distrust of health authorities, health disinformation and health system strains from the COVID-19 pandemic,” the intelligence agencies added.

America’s enemies, the spies said, could be encouraged in the current environment to develop and use biological weapons.

“Global deficiencies in pandemic preparedness and questions about the origins of the COVID-19 virus and biosecurity may inspire some opponents to consider options related to biological weapons development,” the report said. “Rapid advances in dual-use technology, including bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and genomic editing, could enable the development of novel biological weapons that make detection, attribution, and treatment more difficult.”

The report of the US spymasters was prepared before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In it, however, they noted that China, Iran and Russia have “driven narratives that continue to drive threat perceptions, including linking U.S. labs abroad to the origins of COVID-19, biosecurity breaches, untrustworthy vaccines and.” biological weapons”.


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