Congress sends the Pentagon on a savage hunt for flying saucers


Mellon and Elizondo played together on a History Channel UFO hunting television show and last year campaigned successfully to get Congress to request a UFO report from ODNI. she shared a photo of themselves at the Capitol recently while pitching for the UFO office. The NDAA language, largely borrowed from Gillibrand, strongly mirrors a suggestion made by Mellon. contrary made on his blog in October; Mellon responded by extensively praising Gillibrand.

NDAA authorized headline research involves collecting UFO reports, analyzing them, and trying to explain them. That much shouldn’t be controversial. In fact, you’d expect the military to be watching the skies for intruders, but apparently they didn’t see that That thing from another world and “don’t watch the sky”. The stranger provisions of section 1638 seem straight out of the fever bogs of cable television and talk radio, where programs like Ancient aliens and Coast to Coast AM spin dark stories of alien invasions, crashed saucers and medical experiments. The law would require the new office to essentially fantasize about how UFOs could perform extreme aerial feats if they ever turned out to be the product of advanced super science, and then test whether those imaginary scenarios are possible.

We have gone this way before. The failed UFO research program that Congress approved in the mid-2000s has addressed and produced precisely these issues a series of speculative papers about wormholes, anti-gravity tech, and other impractical fantasies straight out of Marvel Comics that Congress is now looking to test in real life. Similarly, the new law will require the investigation of “medical” problems arising from contact with UFOs, a prominent issue in ufology where abductees and “experienced” claim from contact with otherworldly beings at all Types of diseases to suffer from the known world. This ancient UFO research program has put a significant effort into investigating dubious medical problems, including alleged extraterrestrial implants.

In addition to this spacey area of ​​responsibility, the new office also has the task of testing “materials” in connection with UFOs. Since none of the supposed vehicles seen by military pilots left any debris, this requirement can only relate to the scraps of metal that once belonged to the paranormal talk show host Art Bell and Ancient aliens Star Linda Moulton Howe – supposedly remains of the Flying Saucer by Roswell. Unmasked as industrial waste decades ago, is one of the “parts of art” is currently being tested from Elizondo and Mellon’s network of alien ancestry colleagues. In 2019, Elizondo and Mellon’s then employer, Blink-182 front man and ufologist Tom DeLonge, concluded a contract to have the army test some of the alleged Roswell wrecks, on the theory that these metallic lumps could revolutionize the aerospace industry. Now Congress has made the hunt for extraterrestrial space debris a law.

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