Crooked New Years Eve Donut Drop Returns | WDVM25 & DCW50


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) – A crowd gathered in downtown Hagerstown Friday night to ring in the New Year with fireworks and donuts. After the donut drop was canceled due to COVID last year, thousands of people flocked to downtown Hagerstown to see the event and enjoy the famous Krumpe’s donuts.

The evening was filled with lots of activities for all ages, from bouncy castles for the kids to live music. Everything leads to the donut drop, followed by the fireworks show.

“People were a little nervous, but I think it’s outside when the weather is nice so everyone is fine,” said Cody Hill of Middletown Valley Bank. “I know the past few years I’ve had to do some things with kids inside and everything, but you know, no rain, everyone is outside. I think it’s a great environment for everyone. “

Emily Crotzer, who traveled all the way from Pennsylvania, says it was an event she missed last year.

“I was excited when I checked it online last year, this year I’ll be back in person,” said Emily Crotzer. “I love Hagerstown. I love Krumpes. I love New Years Eve. ”

At the end of the night, Krumpees Donuts was handing out over 5,000 donuts for people to enjoy as they roll into the New Year.


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