DC’s fashion trends for Spring 2022


👋🏾 Paige is here to talk about one of my favorite things: clothes.

The big picture: The fashion world is calling for bold, maximalist styles this spring as we awaken from our pandemic-induced sweatpants slumber.

A note from the experts: Brian Merritt, Founding Partner and Retail Director at Manifest, expects another focus on urban streetwear this season. “DC is such an important market when it comes to fashion because of the people that come in and out of here.”

Anifa Mvuemba is the founder of innovative fashion brand Hanifa (worn by A-list stars like Beyoncé). The Maryland-based designer drew attention with her innovative 3D fashion show in 2020. “This spring we’re welcoming new shapes, unique style lines and bold color gradients,” she says.

This season’s top trends include ultra-bright colors (this year we’re going without pastels), crisp suiting and metallics.

  • Since the latest trends often come from years past, consider sustainable options like thrift stores (like Current Boutique) or clothing rentals.

Here’s how I would incorporate these spring trends into my wardrobe (but remember, style is personal, so wear the things that make you feel good).

🛍 Bright colors: If you want to knock out two trends at once (and make a statement on the hill), opt for a colorful suit. Or go for my personal favourite, a bright matching set.

  • For a more understated approach, consider a light-colored sandal.
  • Pro tip: Georgetown boutique Relish has been releasing some fun, bright pieces lately.

🛍 Suits: Good news, you might already have a few in your closet. Dust off your favorite piece, have it tailored to perfection and voila, you’re on trend.

  • To make a real statement, opt for a white suit (another spring trend).

🛍 metallics: Steer clear of sequins and toward items that convey a liquid metal vibe. Head to your favorite Washington rooftop and wear metallics with a skirt paired with a crisp white top and strappy heels.

Happy styling!


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