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The bodies of two teenagers who went missing after swimming in the Farmington River last week have been found, officials confirmed Monday.

The crews have been searching for 17-year-old Anthony Nagore and 15-year-old Lucas Brewer since they were reported missing Thursday.

DEEP EnCon Police’s Keith Williams confirmed that both teenagers were found in the river near the Farmington-Burlington line at around 3:15 p.m.

“I just want to say that our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers are with family members,” said Williams.

Whitney Southall / NBC CT / State Police

15-year-old Lucas Brewer and 17-year-old Anthony Nagore were reported missing after entering the Farmington River in Avon on Thursday.

The search went back and forth for days as the crews had to stop their efforts due to dangerous conditions on the water.

Williams previously said there was nothing to suggest the teens had personal flotation devices with them when they went on the water, and DEEP urges anyone who walks on a river to wear a life jacket. Officials warned that rising water levels after heavy rains across the state made conditions very dangerous.

“Just stay out of the water now, it’s not worth the risk,” Williams said, noting that the currents can be very strong even if the water looks peaceful.

US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials said the two teenagers are friends.

Anyone planning to head to the Farmington River today should be careful. The Connecticut State Environmental Protection Agency is warning that the water level will rise rapidly this morning and that the currents will be strong, even though the water looks calm.

On Friday morning officials said a local resident saw the youths on their way to the river around 1 p.m. on Thursday and warned them of the dangers of the water.

DEEP officials warned that after a lot of rain, the water level in the river is very high and the currents are strong.

Police will continue their search for two missing Plainville teenagers who were last seen swimming in the Farmington River, according to an overnight Silver Alert.

The search began around 9 p.m. Thursday and the vehicle the teenagers were in was found on School Street in Avon near the Farmington River.

DEEP said belongings including their cell phones, sneakers and clothes were found on the river bank on DEEP property near an old pump house.

State and local authorities responded to help with the search.

Photo of missing teenager ANTHONY NAGORE

Silver alarm

Police are looking for two missing Plainville teenagers who were last seen swimming in the Farmington River, according to an overnight Silver Alert.

Steve LePage, principal in Plainville, posted a message to the school community on Friday that one of the teenagers is from Plainville and attending Plainville High School. The other was not from Plainville, but was visiting his family in town, he said.

According to LePage, the Cornerstone Counseling Center is available to all employees, students, and families and can be reached at 860-863-1001.

After the boys were found, LePage released a new statement on Monday that reads:

“I’m sure many of you have seen the news reports that the two missing boys, Lucas and Anthony, were found that late afternoon. Rescue workers are still on site and have closed some access points to the river that some still gather near the river, but out of respect for privacy and the needs of the emergency services, I asked most of the school staff not to attend that evening. Our hearts go out to the families directly affected and to everyone affected by these tragic losses.


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