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A deep dive into proposed city ordinance revisions that would require higher fences to secure newly installed above-ground pools and hot tubs will have to wait another month.

Kenosha City Council unanimously voted to postpone the matter for 30 days and supported a recommendation by the Public Safety and Welfare Committee, which voted to postpone its decision as it needed more time to consider other security measures, including educating families about ways to prevent child drowning. Members also wanted to investigate other methods of securing pools, such as: The council’s decision was accompanied by a public hearing at which no one spoke.

At the beginning of the summer, the city’s planning committee unanimously approved the higher fences.

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Under the proposed revisions, pool canopies would need to be a foot higher than the height of newly installed above-ground pools and hot tubs, unless their walls are already at least 1.5 m high. The fence would generally not exceed the height of a standard city garden fence or six feet.

The proposed requirements apply to such pools, whirlpools and spas with a water depth of 60 cm or more.

The city is currently requiring owners to build walls at least one meter high around pools and hot tubs. The new requirements would include a grandfather provision for anyone with existing above-ground pools and hot tubs built prior to October 1st.

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