Elections to the European Parliament UK loans

Admittedly, the deadlines for adding both Polish and British elections to the European Parliament have passed. However, we should remember that for this purpose it is enough to visit the Polish consulate in London or anywhere else. You can contact him by another route. However, it is worth knowing what the current election means for the EU.

UK elections have already begun


Probably some people wonder why the British choose MEPs. Well, because they did not make Brexit. Formally, they are still members of the European Union, so they must elect representatives. There are also voices that there is a chance that Great Britain will not leave the Union at all.

That there will be a second referendum. Although these voices are not loud, they are spoken by leading figures. With the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk. Brexit is an endless series, no agreement on the horizon can be seen.

Registration in the UK. Polish or British candidates

Registration in the UK. Polish or British candidates

Registration in the UK is quite simple. If you want to vote in elections for British politicians, all you have to do is go to the relevant government website and fill out the form. It is too late for the 2019 European elections, but it’s worth knowing for the future. If someone has problems finding a form, they inform Polish communities before each election. Remember that you can vote for Polish or British candidates.

However, you must make a choice. When it comes to voting for Polish lists, the situation is as follows. You must apply to the consulate for the elections. But you can do it no matter which route: verbally, in writing, by phone, telegram, telefax or in electronic form. The application should contain the following data: surname and first name (names), father’s name, date of birth, PESEL identification number, place of residence of the voter abroad, number of a valid Polish passport or ID card, as well as the place and date of its issue (for Union citizens European non-Polish citizens – the number of another valid document confirming identity, as well as the place and date of its issue), place of entering the voter in the register of voters (in the case of Polish citizens temporarily staying abroad). Applications can be made no later than 3 days before election day.

One of the most important elections to the European Parliament

If you are already registered, do not hesitate. The future of all Europe depends on these choices. One could say that they are groundbreaking in a sense. Only a decade ago, politics was predictable. Large parties ruled and exchanged places from time to time. Although the new creatures had their ups, they could count on the roles of coalition partners at most. Of course, for some it was an undesirable condition.

It was said that the political scene was concreted. Few, however, questioned the existence of the European Union in its present form. Today the situation has changed radically. There is enormous demand all over Europe for new candidates who are unrelated to old politics or at least present themselves. Even in such a stable democracy as France, non-mainstream politicians entered the second round of elections.

They were won by Macron, who was not a representative of any large party that had ruled France since the war. New anti-system politicians can be both right-wing and left-wing, it is important for voters that they do not belong to old politics. The problem is, however, that anti-systemists often proclaim populist slogans.