Ex-Virginia official sues after losing job over Jan. 6 post



RICHMOND, Va. — A former Virginia assistant attorney general who says she was fired for social media posts praising Capitol rioters as “patriots” and falsely claiming Donald Trump won the 2020 election is suing the Attorney General for defamation.

Monique Miles alleges in her lawsuit that Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares and members of his staff damaged her professional reputation and credibility when a spokeswoman told the media that she had quit her job and that she failed her first interviews for the job had been transparent.

Miles said she was forced out of her job as The Washington Post prepared to run a story with screenshots of Facebook posts she wrote as a private person more than a year before she became the government’s assistant attorney general and began working Transactions department that oversaw work on issues related to election integrity.

“News: Patriots have stormed the Capitol,” Miles wrote. “No surprise. The deep state has awakened the sleeping giant. Patriots will not accept this. We are awake, ready and will fight for our rights by any means necessary.”

The lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages.

In her complaint, Miles said she was aggressively recruited to run for a job as assistant attorney general shortly after Miyare’s 2021 election victory. She said she has known Darrell Jordan, Miyares’ chief of staff, for about four years and believes the office knows her views on the 2020 presidential election and the Jan. 6 riots because she and Jordan are Facebook “friends” and he “private” to their posts.

Miles said no one in the attorney general’s office — including Miyares — asked her about her political views during interviews for the job.

About a week after Miles started work in January, a friend told her the Post had asked her to comment on a story about Miles. She said she immediately told Jordan and other officials in Miyares’ office.

On February 10, she said she had a series of meetings, phone calls and texts with the officers, in which she showed them screenshots of her Facebook posts and explained that she later edited some of them when she received “more information.” the news, post-election lawsuits, lawmaker hearings, and election scrutiny as information unfolded.”

In a text exchange with Jordan, she wrote, according to the lawsuit, “I condone neither the January 6 riot nor the lawlessness.”

Miles said she was told prosecutors would “give her an opportunity to resign,” but she didn’t.

Miles said she messaged several officers – including Miyares – telling them: “I did nothing wrong.”

The lawsuit says Miyares communications director Victoria LaCivita issued a statement saying Miles had resigned. Miles said she was inundated with news outlets asking for comments, but initially did not respond because she believed Miyares’ office would correct her statement. But when no correction was issued, Miles said she contacted the media to say she had been asked to resign over statements she made about the election and the events of Jan. 6.

LaCivita, who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit, said in a statement Friday that the attorney general’s office “is committed to vigorously defending Ms. Miles’ $1 million taxpayer money claim and is confident that our… legal position is strong.”

According to the lawsuit, a statement released by LaCivita said the attorney general’s office and Miles “parted ways” because she demonstrated “a lack of transparency in her initial interviews for the position.”

Miles said the statement called into question her reputation for truthfulness and integrity, qualities that are particularly important as a lawyer in a profession where character and fitness are required to retain a license to practice law.

“This is all about clearing my name,” Miles said in a phone interview on Friday.

Miles said in the lawsuit that she lost clients over the suggestion that she was not transparent and was questioned by at least two judges in open court on the matter.

Courthouse News first ran a story about the legal actionfiled in Richmond Circuit Court on Wednesday.


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