Fans flee from Nationals Park in DC when gunfire erupts outside during the Washington Nationals game


A Washington Nationals game was interrupted by gunfire right outside the ballpark on Saturday night, dispersing fans and causing some players to rush to the stands to rescue family members.

The team confirmed in a statement on Twitter that a shooting had been reported outside Third Base Gate in Nationals Park and urged viewers to vacate the area.

DC police confirmed that four people were shot dead in front of the ballpark. Two of them were taken from the scene to a hospital and two more were taken to local hospitals for treatment, police said.

Authorities did not provide any further details about the circumstances of the shooting, but said they had nothing to do with the baseball game.

“This is currently an active investigation and it does not appear that there is currently an ongoing threat,” police said.

The game was then suspended and is scheduled to resume on Sunday at 13:05

The shooting occurred while the city was still staggering from the drive-by shootout that killed a 6-year-old girl and injured five others the day before.

Just hours before gunfire broke out in Nationals Park late Saturday, Washington, DC Police Chief Robert Contee gave an emotional press conference condemning the gun violence in the city, saying he was “sick and tired, sick and tired.” be”.


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