Fauci and Milley are cut from the same Deep State fabric



In the past few weeks, ongoing reports have shed damning allegations against Dr. Anthony Fauci and General Mark Milley revealed.

New documents reveal that Fauci under oath lied to Congress about gain-of-function research. While he previously denied that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded gain-of-function studies, recent evidence shows that American tax dollars were used to pay for this dangerous research in Wuhan, China. As for Milley, the evolving allegations suggest that the general called his Chinese counterpart in his final months in the Trump administration promising that he would warn the Chinese Communist Party if the United States were to attack.

It appears that Fauci and Milley were cut from the same Deep State fabric.

While Biden remarkably claims that he has “great confidence” in their abilities, the American people must disagree. Fauci’s lies about the origins of COVID-19 have sowed doubt, confusion, and fear. Meanwhile, Milley’s willingness to usurp former President Trump‘s authority is deeply troubling to our democracy and national security.

At the very least, they must resign immediately, and Congress should conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind these partisan hacks.

The vaccination mandate is about state control

Earlier this month, President Biden announced far-reaching vaccine mandates that would force federal employees and companies with 100 or more employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Remember when Biden claimed he wasn’t making the vaccine mandatory? Or as press spokeswoman Jen Psaki declared that it was “not the job of the federal government” to vaccinate Americans?

Unlike the Biden government, I don’t mince my words when I talk about your individual freedoms. The decision to get vaccinated is between you and your doctor, not the federal government. The medical tyranny of the left isn’t about your health – it’s about government control.

Interestingly, illegal immigrants who flood our southern border are exempt from this unconstitutional mandate. We may only have eight months in Biden’s presidency, but the hypocrisy that comes from his administration is too much to take.

I will fight taxes that are spiraling out of control

At a time when workers, families, and small businesses are already facing record high inflation, the Democrats are trying to push through the largest tax hike in American history.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer propose crippling tax hikes of nearly $ 3 trillion while falsely claiming these hikes only affect large companies. What they won’t tell you is that workers pay an estimated 70% of corporate taxes through the form of wages and employment. Not to mention that these tax hikes will push the corporations to raise prices – which will put a further burden on the middle class.

Over time, the Democrats’ ruthless plan will actually raise taxes for Americans who make $ 30,000 or more every year – and yet subsidize the rich. From owning a Tesla to owning a geothermal system in a second home, there are many special tax breaks that benefit the rich. In contrast, most Americans will have to pay higher taxes after a few years.

The Democrats’ rampant spending and tax hikes are sure to be an uphill battle in the next few weeks, but I promise you will fight through all of this for you and your family. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must put an end to Washington’s failed economic policy.


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US MP Barry Moore, R-Enterprise, represents Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District



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