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The heat index will rise dangerously high before the Washington, DC area is hit by heavy storms, pouring rain and possible flash floods.

Temperatures are expected to rise by the mid-1990s and with oppressive humidity the heat index could reach 100 to 107 °, says Storm Team4.

A heat warning is issued for Counties DC and Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s, and St. Mary’s from noon to 8:00 p.m.

Due to strong storms, a flash flood is scheduled for the entire region from 2 p.m.

Here is a full list of the weather warnings.

Washington DC weather radar

Strong storms are most likely between 1pm and 9pm

Given the heat and humidity, storms can bring some very heavy rains that cause flash floods, along with frequent lightning and high winds that cause power outages.

There could be a few persistent showers and storms until late at night, especially in the east, but the region will mostly dry out overnight.

Sunday will be less humid, with cooler temperatures in the mid-80s.

A few isolated storms are possible on Sunday afternoons, but mostly south of the DC area.

Expect mostly sunny skies on Monday, temperatures in the mid-80s and the possibility of individual storms in the afternoon.

Tuesday won’t be that humid, but the temperatures are in the 90s.

DC heat emergency activated

When the temperature or heat index in the district is to reach 95 degrees or more, the district activates cooling centers for residents.

You can find a cooling center near you here.

Tips for dealing with extreme heat

  • Stay indoors if possible, or find shady or air-conditioned spots.
  • Stop by your neighbors. Young children, the elderly and people with access and functional needs are most at risk.
  • Drink a lot, but don’t drink liquids that contain alcohol, caffeine, or large amounts of sugar.
  • Keep pets indoors. Walk pets early in the morning, give them plenty of water, and don’t leave them in vehicles that can reach dangerous temperatures within 10 minutes. For any animal emergency, including animals left outside in extreme temperatures or in vehicles, call the Humane Rescue Alliance at (202) 723-5730.
  • Wear suitable clothing and sunscreen. Choose light, loose fitting, light colored clothing and wide brimmed hats. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.

Stay with Storm Team4 for the latest forecast.


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