Governor Pritzker will meet with President Biden in the White House on Wednesday to stimulate infrastructure legislation


WASHINGTON – Governor JB Pritzker is one of eight mayors and governors who will meet with President Joe Biden on Wednesday to gather support for a bipartisan infrastructure plan, the success of which may be tied to a second bill full of democratic political initiatives without Republicans .

Pritzker press secretary Jordan Abudayyeh said Biden invited Pritzker to the White House “to discuss the critical needs for nationwide infrastructure investments along with the success of Illinois’s historic bipartisan capital plan.

“The governor also expects to discuss other important issues such as the need for a national approach to managing the impact of the pandemic on unemployment benefits and the fight against gun violence. The governor will also meet with White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pritzker is a strong supporter of Biden’s infrastructure proposals – things like airports, broadband, roads and bridges – and the second bill on climate, education and childcare issues.

Biden and Pritzker met when the president was in Crystal Lake on July 7, discussing his Build Back Better agenda and infrastructure plans at McHenry County College.

In Crystal Lake, Biden outlined what the Infrastructure Act would mean for Illinois. “They have, like many states – all states – 230 – 2,374 bridges and over 6,200 miles of freeways that are in disrepair. As a result, every driver in this state pays a hidden tax of about $ 600 a year on wasted time and fuel due to the nature of the roads and bridges – and by the way, you’re better than many states – not to mention the challenge of getting to work or on time to come to daycare to avoid the late fee when picking up your child.

“Your governor has an ambitious infrastructure plan, and under a bipartisan infrastructure deal, we will make the largest investment in roads and bridges since the Interstate Highway System was built, creating literally millions of well-paying jobs,” said Biden.

In addition to Pritzker, a White House spokesman said the meeting will also include Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, as well as three Democratic mayors and two GOP mayors.

The two laws are massive and have to bypass political landmines if they are to be passed and legally signed. The Democrats control the House of Representatives by about four votes and cannot rely on the GOP for help, not even for the more popular infrastructure bill that would make dollars for every state in the nation.

The Senate is split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, and the Democrats control it because Vice President Kamala Harris has the casting vote. The Infrastructure Bill takes 60 votes to pass and has some GOP support. The bill, which is reserved only for the Democrats, will be introduced in the Senate through a parliamentary loophole – the so-called “reconciliation”, which would allow it to pass with 51 votes.

On Tuesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Chairman of the Budget Bernie Sanders announced a massive $ 3.5 trillion package of Biden’s top priorities in climate, Medicare, education, and childcare other social programs. The political challenge for Biden, Schumer and Sanders is to get the moderate, liberal and progressive Democrats to stick together. Schumer said Biden will meet with Senate Democrats on Wednesday before the governors and mayors meeting.

Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill., The second Senate Democrat, said Tuesday on CNN that the voting order on the two bills has not yet been decided.


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