Gunfight between two cars leads to violent crash in NE: Police – NBC4 Washington


As two vehicles sped away after a shootout, one of them crashed violently into a third car, holding a woman in the wreckage of the northeastern DC accident, authorities said.

The shooting and collision occurred early Wednesday afternoon on South Dakota Avenue near Monroe Street in the Woodridge area, DC police said.

Police said both drivers drove off after a shootout between a white Chrysler and another car. The Chrysler driver lost control and crashed into a Toyota.

According to DC Fire and EMS, a woman who was believed to be a passenger on the Chrysler had to be rescued from the wreck. She was taken to a hospital for investigation and is being charged in connection with the case, police said. A witness said he saw the woman handcuffed.

A man named Nate, who was in the Toyota, told News4’s Pat Collins that he was holding onto the crucifix he had in his pocket during the impact.

“I was just glad that people were protecting me from above,” he said. “If it had been an inch further, I could probably have died.”

Police believe the Chrysler was stolen and the driver, a man, sped away from a crime scene. After the crash, he fled the area on foot.

Authorities also confirmed they found a gun in the Chrysler.

Police cordoned off the area and brought in several K-9s to track down the suspect. There have been no arrests so far.


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