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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-06-20 07:52:22 –

Father’s Day can be hot and humid in Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia, with the possibility of afternoon storms.

Storm Team 4’s Lauryn Ricketts said he would prepare for “a very hot situation” on Sunday. Around noon, the DC temperature is 86 and the heat index is 91.

At 3:00 p.m. it will be the end of the 90s and the heat index will be in the mid to early 90s.

Temporary workers will revert to the 80s around 7 p.m.

DC’s thermal emergency plan takes place on Sunday and Monday. Go here Here are tips on how to deal with cold centers and extreme heat.

On Sunday around 3 p.m. there is a thunderstorm probability of 20%.

Monday is as hot and humid as Sunday, with highs in the late 90s and a 20% chance of rain. On Tuesday it rains 60% more often. The high temperatures on Tuesday will be in the late 80s.

Wednesdays reach the highest temperatures of the 70s and the humidity is low. Thursdays and Fridays are pleasant and hot in the mid to mid 1980s.

And it could rain next weekend.

Stay with Storm Team 4 and NBC Washington for forecast details.

Hot and Humid in the DC Area – NBC4 Washington Hot and Humid in the DC Area – NBC4 Washington


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