How to start paying back loans?

How to deal with loan repayment? Where to start organizing your personal budget? Is it worth taking another loan? See what our experts think about it.

The debt of Polish citizens has been growing regularly for years. Our compatriots are more and more often and willingly reaching for credit products offered by banks and loan companies. Most therefore save themselves from sudden financial distress. After some time, however, it turns out that the borrowers have a problem paying off their liabilities.

The products offered by banking institutions, and specially formed for this purpose of the loan is a lifeline for millions of people in the bed. Trouble appear only in case no bed when the time comes to repay debts. Many of the borrower in bed does not know what to do to regulate the liabilities held for SIU as systematically and without prejudice to the personal portfolio.

Increasing debt

Increasing debt

To fully understand the rising trend rump łużania a Pole in bed, you should provide some statistical data from multiple report ó organization monitoring the situation in the credit market. Many studies also perform the same banks and operators to bed debtor registers such as the Office of Economic Information and Credit Information Bureau.

On the basis of presented by not all the result of bed in the can ZNA come to the conclusion that the situation is indeed tragic, but may raise niepok bed j. It turns out that the list of debtor bed in, that person ó b kt yellow’re in their lives dragged s already be some commitment, there are over 15 million ó ó the Pole in.

What’s more, many of them in debt for SIU several times, signing more than one agreement. In our country, we concluded so far nearly 40 million bed in this type of POIs in. Anyone who has ever dragged should dent finds its data KRD, the National Register of Debt bed. The more we write about this in an article entitled Check, if you are in the KRD .

Why do we borrow?

Unplanned expense, sudden job loss, illness, the need to support kt yellow Regos with the member of the family, a good investment opportunity, financial momentary shortness of breath – plaintiff’s in for kt yellow agri cultural reach for a bed in and help the bank loan companies is very much.

As long as we do it with common sense and calculating all costs, we should not be afraid of the consequences of such a step. Many, however, make decisions under the influence of emotions and urgent need.

Let’s remember that they are bad advisers. It is worth to read one of our articles entitled 3 Iron Rules of Informed Borrowing . Let us remember that each of our activities has specific effects. Let us be aware that it is we who, taking a loan or credit, become debtors and will not be able to escape liability.

Analysis and elimination

Let’s remember to analyze the whole month. If we see that we are lacking in the agent having to repay liabilities – tnijmy unnecessary expenses. Most of us do not even realize how much money is spent to buy things without agri cultural kt yellow can do without. If we make effective elimination, will stay in the portfolio sum kt yellow ra probably will pay a loan installment.