Hundreds of Christians participate in the March for the Martyrs in Washington, DC


Hundreds of Christians gathered in Washington, DC on Saturday for a special event to “speak out as a voice for the persecuted church.”

The event, titled March for the Martyrs, was hosted by Gia Chacon, founder of the nonprofit organization For The Martyrs. Up to 1,000 Christians from across the United States gathered on Saturday in the National Mall for a kick-off rally, followed by a prayer march to the White House and the “Night for the Martyrs” evening event at the JW Marriott Hotel.

“I think it is now more important than ever that Christians of all denominations gather together to form a unified voice,” Chacon said in a recent interview with The Christian Post. “It is so important that we now stand up as brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States and be a voice for our persecuted brothers and sisters.”

While praising President Joe Biden for “being the first US president to recognize the Armenian genocide,” she said she wanted “more action to be taken by Christian minorities in other countries to protect them from” [current] Religious Persecution.”

Chacon stated that she wanted to hold the March of the Martyrs in Washington DC after seeing Open Doors USA results on a 30 percent increase in Christian persecution over the past year. Chacon hoped that by hosting her event in the country’s capital, her message of the increasing global persecution of Christians would reach both the body of Christ as a whole and the Biden government.

“We march for the 340 million Christians around the world who suffer for the name of Jesus,” she told the participants on Saturday. “We march for the people who give their lives every day to go to church and have a Bible. In some countries it is even illegal to say that they believe in Jesus.”

She cited another statistic from Open Doors USA which said that over the past year the number of Christians tortured for their beliefs has increased by 60 percent.

“If Christians continue to be persecuted for their beliefs, why is this topic so kept secret?” She asked. “Why is the world silent when Christians are targeted and executed for their belief in Christ?”

Chacon first hosted the Marty of the Martyrs in Long Beach, California in September 2020 in response to restrictions on places of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her goal is to make the March of the Martyrs an annual event in the country’s capital.

A variety of speakers were present at Saturday’s event, including social media personality Jacob Coyne, Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the Relatable podcast, and worship leader Sean Feucht.

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Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer. He is that too Co-organizer the podcast For Your Soul, which aims to equip the church with biblical truth and healthy teaching. Visit his blog, Blessed Are The Forgiven.


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