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WALTHAM, Massachusetts, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Infinite, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, today announced the new InfiniBox SSA. announcedâ„¢, a breakthrough solid-state array that delivers the industry’s highest performance for the most demanding enterprise applications. The InfiniBox SSA is powered by Infinidat’s proven deep learning software algorithms and an extensive DRAM cache. It consistently delivers performance and latency results that surpass all-flash arrays (AFAs) while delivering the same acclaimed customer experience, 100 percent availability, and uncompromising reliability of the InfiniBox.

“The innovation of our new solid-state array is directly focused on demanding enterprise applications that require the highest levels of performance with consistent, predictably low latency for virtually every I / O,” said Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat. “Our established InfiniBox system disrupts conventional all-flash arrays and offers a unique and very compelling combination of performance, scalability, availability and cost for the vast majority of corporate workloads. The InfiniBox SSA now expands our capabilities to meet the most demanding storage needs of businesses. “

The new InfiniBox SSA expands the award-winning InfiniBox family and is the company’s first 100 percent solid-state technology for persistent storage that, when combined with Infinidat’s patented deep learning software Neural Cache, enables the breakthrough performance of the InfiniBox array takes it to the next level. The InfiniBox SSA for profiles that require consistent ultra-low latency complements the standard InfiniBox general purpose system, which is the vast majority of enterprise applications. A common software base between the standard InfiniBox and the new InfiniBox SSA provides seamless, transparent data mobility between the platforms so that customers can reduce total cost of ownership while optimizing latency based on application requirements.

The feedback from global customers who have already evaluated and used the InfiniBox SSA has been extremely positive. The InfiniBox SSA achieves its faster than AFA performance by taking full advantage of the DRAM cache made possible by Infinidat’s patented Neural Cache software. DRAM and solid-state drives (SSDs) are both solid-state technologies, but DRAM is an order of magnitude faster than flash-based SSDs.

“The InfiniBox architecture pioneered us as it helps us meet our SLAs for the business of performance, guaranteed availability, support, and 100% ease of use,” said Matt Bieri, chief information officer at Tyler Technologies. “Our most demanding applications, which make up about 5 percent of our workload, require sustained latency of less than a millisecond. We’re excited to introduce the InfiniBox SSA, which brings the same InfiniBox architecture, neural cache, and functionality to these ultra-high-performance workloads. ”

“We chose the new InfiniBox SSA because it is the most powerful, resilient, and consistent enterprise-class storage solution on the market today,” said a Fortune 500 insurance company that specializes in multi-petabyte enterprise storage needs frame. “We rigorously tested the InfiniBox SSA and compared it directly to the most important all-flash array solutions. The InfiniBox SSA surprised us by outperforming any AFA product and even achieving three times the originally recorded performance with 40 percent lower latency in multiple failure scenarios. Now we are able to support our more demanding service level agreement profiles on the SSA platform better than ever before with any other storage product. “

“Our market research has confirmed that some enterprise applications require extremely low latency and extremely high performance. Finding that balance and maximizing speed was a challenge that required a new approach that went beyond conventional approaches, ”said Paul Nashawaty, senior analyst at ESG. “The strategy of completely turning persistent back-end storage into solid-state technology and getting the best performance from all media is a new way of thinking about how to better target performance-sensitive applications.”

By offering both the InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA systems, Infinidat enables large enterprise customers to consolidate and manage their application workloads with the right mix of performance and latency at the right price. InfiniBox SSA users not only benefit from the breathtaking speed, but also benefit from the ease of use, scalability, high availability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that have made the InfiniBox platform in great demand with businesses and service providers alike.

The InfiniBox SSA is generally available today (GA).

Further information on the InfiniBox SSA can be found here.

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