Is it safe to buy online with a credit card?

Online credit card purchases scare some consumers because of the risk of fraud. If the customer’s card number and / or personal data are obtained by criminals, they may make improper purchases on behalf of the customer.

But, it is possible to take precautions and take advantage of the practicality that the internet offers. Among the advantages of buying with a credit card online is the wide variety of companies, national and international, available on the internet to make your purchases. And that number keeps growing.

Discounts and offers

Some companies sell only on the web and offer discounts and benefits to customers who make their purchases online. Air tickets, travel and accommodation packages can also be purchased, more conveniently, online, which attracts many travelers.

You must also be aware that credit card fraud can happen even when shopping in the “real” world or over the phone. On the internet, a few simple steps can increase your security. Above all, buy only from reputable stores that offer an encryption system to protect your customers’ data.

A secure website has a small padlock closed next to the email address (also known as a URL), or in the bottom left corner of the browser. Bank sites, credit cards and online stores need to have the closed lock icon, as an open or non-existent lock indicates that the site is not safe for financial transactions.

Never provide your credit card number and / or your personal data via: email, chat rooms or social networks. Sites that require the customer to enter the credit card number with each new purchase are more secure, as they do not store the data of every customer, preventing them from being stolen or tracked by hackers. Although not so practical, this system increases security.

Security system

Some large online companies have a robust security system, despite storing customer data. Therefore, it is essential to always buy online only from these renowned companies, known for their security.

Good credit card insurance also helps to increase your peace of mind. Read the clause carefully to see if it includes coverage for online purchases. Most insurance costs less than $ 5.00 per month and will guarantee you protection against undue purchases. Compare helps you find the best options for you.