Jill Biden pursues the President’s elusive election promise: Unity


“It’s kind of fun,” she said of her return to the classroom. “My students are really at a loss.”

She adamantly refused to be promoted to first lady in campus materials for the school, Northern Virginia Community College, according to emails from CBS News and later the New York Times. “I want the students to see me as their English teacher,” she wrote to a staff member who wanted to use her role in promotional materials. When communicating with campus officials, she also did not want her married name to appear on the timetable. This semester she is still under “J. Tracy. “

When they pondered for weeks last winter how to get Dr. Biden continued to facilitate the class, campus officials working with White House attorneys made sure she was paid from a charitable donation account to avoid conflicts with the constitutional salary clause, an administrative officer said.

“Jill has a career of her own, regardless of the duties traditionally fallen on first ladies,” said Jimmie McClellan, Dean of the Liberal Arts and Dr. Biden’s manager, in an email.

Unlike other first ladies who put their careers on hold to support their husbands in the White House, Dr. Biden juggled competing identities at once for a long time. Growing up as Jill Jacobs in suburban Philadelphia, the future first lady came of age during the second wave of feminism, a time when women were asked to put themselves before any potential husband. But she first married in 1970 when she was 18 to the owner of a popular Delaware bar. In 1975 the couple divorced.

When she married Mr. Biden for the second time in 1977, her identity was overshadowed by the marriage of a public figure whose tragic backstory – a car accident that killed his wife and young daughter – forced her to commit her own life To lay ice. She ended her teaching career to raise his sons Beau and Hunter. They later had a daughter, Ashley. Finally, Dr. Biden returned to teaching and did a PhD in educational management.

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