LAUSD is about to elect the next superintendent


Before the end of the year, the Los Angeles school board members want to announce the most momentous decision of their tenure – the hiring of a new headmaster.

The post, considered one of the toughest in public education, is being filled at a critical juncture for the country’s second largest school district. The system is filled with billions of dollars in coronavirus relief aid, additional federal funding, and soaring state tax revenues. But there is mountainous work ahead of us. Students are in crisis – struggling to recover from deep learning setbacks related to a pandemic, as well as mental health problems caused by prolonged isolation and other hardships. The district is also plagued by declining enrollments and a long-term structural budget deficit.

“The past 21 months have been devastating for so many families we serve in LA Unified,” said school board president Kelly Gonez. “The pandemic has brought with it an unequal burden of illness, death, job loss and trauma, which has increased disproportionately on color communities. Our superintendent must anticipate the profound effects of the pandemic, the racial justice riot and the urgent needs of our students and families. “

Officials – who conduct interviews in the final stages of their national research – would not confirm who applied. But Gonez said the new leader should “be a seasoned educator, uniting the broader Los Angeles community, committed to long terms, centered on the voices and needs of the historically most underserved, the talent within ours Can build a system and implement it on a large scale “. to ensure that we achieve the long-term goals for our students. “

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