Lin Wood accuses Trump attorney Sidney Powell of stopping the Grifting theft


Right-wing darling Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted of murder for the murder of two people in a protest against racial justice, rocked the QAnon world when he said in interviews that Lin Wood, a leading QAnon believer, and Trump Lawyer who briefly represented Rittenhouse was “insane” and had “taken advantage of” him.

That prompted right-wing Trump allies – including Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alt-right activist Jack Posobiec and Sebastian Gorka, former Trump White House advisor – to get out against Wood. In response, Wood posted about it and made wild claims with no evidence. He’s been sharing in the last few days increasingly insolent allegations about his telegram and turned against Pro-Trumpers who were former allies of his, including Sidney Powell, Sebastian Gorka and Michael Flynn.

“After doing the research and connecting the dots, I came to the conclusion that the Stop the Steal organization is a Deep State organization to raise funds for purposes other than FIX 2020.” … ATTENTION for everyone connected with Stop the Steal. Every lie is exposed, ”Wood wrote on Friday.

Wood then posted a Recording a telephone conversation between him and millionaire Trump supporter and former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. During the call, Wood asked where the money is going to tip the election and accused Powell of being a scam.

“I’m not sure where all this money is going, but I think someone owes full accounts to the American public,” Wood told Byrne.

Byrne replied, saying that Powell and Flynn invited him to move to Florida in March to overthrow the election. But Byrne only lasted 11 days with Powell until he, Flynn, and others left in March, he said. Byrne added that he has not spoken to her since, but likened their collaboration as “The Devil Wears Prada” to claiming someone told him Powell wanted to “bed him”.

“I have texts. Some of it has to do with Sidney wanting to go to bed with me, and I said no. We have texts and witnesses for it, and that’s how she became a despised woman, ”said Byrne, later claiming that Powell was in love with him and sent him love letters.

“I haven’t spoken a word to Sidney since April 6, and I never will again,” said Byrne.

He continued, “I gave her a laundry list of things to clean up and told her to get an auditor … She refused to let me look at anything – well, that’s all I can tell you. But we went out there after about 17 days … From that you can deduce what you want. “

Later in the conversation, Wood and Powell both said they believe that a state investigation is currently underway against Powell, and Wood alleged that Powell “signed my name on certain lawsuits without my knowledge or permission, and she was not honest about it” . He added, “I’m not happy about this, I think I was founded by Sidney Powell.”

The men then discussed how much money Powell had raised ostensibly to fund their attempts to overturn the election, which ranged from $ 15 million to $ 70 million.

Back on the subject of Rittenhouse, Wood and Byrne agreed that Rittenhouse must have been “coached” from someone to denigrate Wood in his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Rittenhouse told Carlson that when Wood was his attorney, Wood “took advantage of” him and “held me in jail for 87 days.”

“It’s a lie,” claimed Wood, adding that Flynn has left him since the teenager made those claims. “Old Mike Flynn got out of the Burrow and ran,” said Wood.

Wood continued to release extensive updates in his Telegram. “I admit Mike and Sidney played with me for a few months,” he said on Friday. “I had no experience with military psychological operations.”

The posting continued on Saturday after taking a six-hour overnight break. Wood accused Trump-backed Vernon Jones, who heads the lieutenant governor of Georgia, of being a “career democrat, racist” [and] Sex offender. “

Wood also promised, “More Deep State players will be revealed to you.”


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