Liz Cheney debunks Fox News lies of January 6th on Fox News


In a rare moment, Fox News viewers heard the truth about Jan. 6 — thanks to Rep. Liz Cheney, one of two Republicans on the committee investigating the attack on the Capitol. Despite Bret Baier’s attempts to push the Fox/Trump narrative that the January 6 Committee was biased and a sham, Cheney debunked topic after topic.

At the beginning of the interview, Baier tried to pin some blame for January 6 on the Democratic leadership and the Capitol Police. “What will the committee report say about why the assets, like the National Guard, were not prepared and ready? In this regard, has testimony already been collected on the decisions of Speaker Pelosis or the Sergeant at Arms of the House and Senate?” he asked.

“We’ve got a whole team — we’ve got five different teams on the investigation — one of which is totally focused on all these security issues in the Capitol and the Capitol Police response, the National Guard response, the Capitol Police Chief response, what happened that day in the Pentagon was going on,” Cheney said. “It’s a whole focus of the investigation, you’ll see it in our report, you’ll probably see an upcoming hearing.”

Then she dropped the gavel: “But what we’re not going to do, Bret, is blame the Capitol Police, blame the cops for Donald Trump’s armed mob that he sent to the Capitol.”

“Okay, but did you…” Baier said, trying to interrupt.

But Cheney continued, “There were clearly intelligence failures. Obviously the security should have worked better than it did. But that was a mob that Donald Trump sent into the Capitol, and I think it’s important that we keep an eye on that.”

Cheney also debunked Baier’s claim that Trump offered National Guard troops to defend the Capitol, citing public statements from Trump’s own acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller.

“We also know that on January 6, while the attack was underway, Donald Trump did not place a single call with anyone in the Pentagon. He hasn’t made a single call to anyone in the Justice Department to say, ‘Put law enforcement in place,'” Cheney said, adding, “The notion that he somehow issued an order doesn’t square with the facts.”

Cheney then repelled Baier’s attempts to portray the committee as unfair because the other side “cannot present a defense, there is no cross-examination” and because the Republican members of the committee were not nominated by their own party.

The congresswoman responded by noting that Kevin McCarthy, a minority in the GOP House of Representatives, himself said that a “bipartisan external committee” should investigate the attack, but that he later withdrew his support and the Senate’s rejection of a bill influenced who would launch an external investigation.

“After negotiating with the Democrats and getting all the terms he wanted, he pulled the rug out from under the Republicans who supported him and saw to it that he was defeated in the Senate,” Cheney said. “Once the external, bipartisan commission was defeated, we were left with this committee as an alternative.” McCarthy also withdrew all of his nominations for the committee after Pelosi rejected two of them “with good reason,” she added.

“The idea that the committee is somehow unable to get the facts of what happened because Kevin McCarthy withdrew his nominees is nonsensical,” Cheney said, before noting that all previous witnesses were Republicans .

Later in the interview, Cheney specifically pointed out that other conservative media outlets, run by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, have called Trump unfit for the post.

“Look, I’m not the only one saying Donald Trump is unfit for office. They’re other companies that belong to Rupert Murdoch,” Cheney said. “It is that New York Post in her editorial on Friday. It is that Wall Street Journal – said the same after our hearing on Thursday evening.”

Thursday night’s hearing included testimony from two former White House staffers who resigned after the attack and focused on Trump’s damned inaction while the Capitol was under siege. The committee withdrew for the month of August but has promised further hearings when it meets again in September.


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