Meet the DC soccer besties that scored


When Vanessa Santos, 31, moved to DC from Michigan to work as a publicist 10 years ago, she was desperate for friends. So, like many 20-year-old transplants, she joined a rec league. football to be exact.

  • There she met a guy named Steve Santos.

How They Became Besties: This besties story is a little different because, spoiler alert, Steven and Vanessa are now married.

  • Yes, they even posed with a soccer ball in their wedding photos.

But their love started with friendship first. Both have loved football for a long time. Vanessa played coming of age and Steven, a 33-year-old Portuguese scientist, is obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • And going onto the field together and seeing each other’s competitive side brought them closer together.

Her bestie tip: Join a sports league like DC Fray or District Sports because you’ll meet a lot of people with common interests.

  • No, you don’t have to be a professional, says Vanessa. Many leagues are non-competitive and depend more on the group than a cup at the end of the season.

What you say: “Team collaboration will happen in each of the social leagues,” says Steven.

  • In their case, Sunday morning games were usually followed by brunch at Biergarten Haus on H Street or Across the Pond in Dupont Circle, where they watched more football on TV.

“After all, football defined a whole group of friends,” says Vanessa. Everyone went to the wedding.

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