Melissa Duffy of Fenwick appointed Head of State


Melissa Duffy, Fenwick’s Commerce and National Security Associate, has been invited to serve as a representative member of the US State Department‘s Advisory Committee on International Digital Economics and Telecommunications (IDET).

The purpose of IDET is to provide advice and strategic planning recommendations on digital economy, digital connectivity, economic aspects of emerging digital technologies, telecommunications and communication and information policy.

Members of IDET include associations and scientific or industrial organizations concerned with the study of telecommunications or with the design or manufacture of equipment for telecommunications services; civil society; Academy; and organisations, institutions or bodies with specific interests in the digital economy, digital connectivity, the economic aspects of emerging digital technologies and communication and information policy issues.

Duffy focuses her practice on a wide range of international trade matters, including export controls, OFAC sanctions, new technology regulation, digital trade, CFIUS, tariffs and national security issues, involving multiple US agencies, both civil and criminal. She has extensive experience across the technology sector and has developed strong relationships with clients in cybersecurity and encryption, software, autonomous vehicles, sensors and artificial intelligence, gaming, computing, telecom, satellite, semiconductor and network infrastructure.


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