Mortgage despite RKI – Here are your options

Are you in RKI? Then it may seem daunting to come back on top, but there is hope ahead if you follow our recommendations. And housing, despite RKI, is actually not completely impossible, but it requires a good explanation.

You have a registration in RKI because you have not previously been able to pay your debt to one or more of your creditors.

The RKI registered should be seen as a protection for both lenders and borrowers. RKI protects you from taking on more debt than your finances can bear, and so you avoid sitting with debt up over both ears if you already have difficulty paying your bills.

It also protects lenders, ie Danish companies that lend money or sell their products on credit against poor payers.

Here’s how you end up in RKI


It takes more than one unpaid bill or two to get registered in RKI. In order for you to be registered in RKI, it requires that you mine. has exceeded the last payment deadline of the 3rd reminder by 10 days.

Thus, it is almost impossible to overlook an RKI registration if you check your mail regularly.

Avoid doing yourself a bear service

It is rarely a good solution to take up new debt if you already have a mess in the economy and difficulty paying your bills on time. In some cases, there may be an advantage in gathering your debt in a place where you can get a fair interest rate, but most often the savings will be eaten by large establishment costs and the like, so this should generally be discouraged.

The fact that you want to buy a home even if you are in RKI is understandable, since in many parts of the country you can live cheaper in owner-occupied housing than you can in a rental home, and thus the logic tells us that it will be smart as it gives more room for repayment of existing creditors. However, the problem is that as long as you can’t prove to your creditors that you can pay your bills on time, no one dares to take the risk of lending you money (nor do our investors).

Here’s how to get out of RKI

The only way out of RKI is not to take up new debt and pay off your existing debt. In order for this to be possible you have to do such as. the experts in the “Luxury trap”, namely to set a realistic budget while cutting all unnecessary expenses to a minimum.

In this way, you release a larger amount each month to pay off the debt to your creditors, which can ensure that you can get rid of your debt and your RKI registration as soon as possible.

If you have lost track of your finances, we recommend that you seek help from a debt counselor who can help you prepare a budget, make agreements with creditors and get the overview back.

Mortgage despite RKI

Mortgage despite RKI

In principle, we cannot recommend that you try to raise additional debt if you are already in RKI, as this rarely gets you closer to solving the real problem.

Do you still want to borrow for example. In terms of home purchases or up to the face value, it is actually not impossible with mortgage loans, but it will require a really good explanation which is compelling enough to convince our investors. In addition to a good explanation, a large payout of min. 40% in connection with home purchase or free value of + 40%, to convince our investors.

Would you like to hear more about your mortgage loan options despite RKI registration, we recommend that you call us on tel.