MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirms his phone was confiscated by the FBI during the search

Mike Lindell’s phone was just confiscated by the FBI. Dressed for sleep, MAGA. The FBI is standing by and standing by. (Read more here).

Lindell, one of the leading figures working to uncover voter fraud in the United States, was surrounded by the FBI and his phone was confiscated.

This is more than likely down to the Deep State and things Democrats are still pushing around Jan. 6 in the Capitol, where truck drivers and grandmothers were taking selfies in the rotunda.

He called the FBI’s actions “disgusting” and “garbage”.

The seizure of Lindell’s phone comes amid a surge in the agency’s attacks on Trump allies, and this isn’t the first time his paperwork has been subpoenaed.

In January, his phone records were requested by the January 6 Committee.

“We pulled through the drive-through, they take the order, we pull up, and she says pull up,” Lindell said, noting that another car came and parked perpendicular to them, basically blocking them in the driveway. through.

Lindell said he said to his buddy, “This is either a bad guy or it’s the FBI,” adding that some FBI guys can be bad guys.

According to Lindell, another car came up shortly after and pinned her on the right side, with another customer blocking her rear.

It is noteworthy that this is not an isolated step. Major news outlets are reporting that in the past week alone, the DOJ issued grand jury subpoenas for forty close associates of Donald Trump, confiscating some of their cellphones in the process. Now it seems we can add Lindell to that list.


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