NASCAR legend Bobby Allison talks Daytona 500 | WDVM25 and DCW50


(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — 500 miles and 200 laps later, there’s a new Daytona 500 champion. Austin Cindric, rookie driver and native of Mooresville, took home the win on Sunday night.

It’s not just the North Carolina BBQ that draws people to Lancaster’s in Mooresville.

“I would say more than half,” said Lori Rice.

Half the people are there for the Hushpuppies and the other half for the restaurant’s ties to NASCAR.

“It just got more and more competitive over time,” Bobby said.

Bobby has just returned from the Daytona 500 where he and many others watched underdog and rookie driver Austin Cindric win.

“Racing has the excitement of competition between two people along with two pieces of equipment,” Bobby said.

Bobby said he goes to Daytona every year.

“It’s something very special. There’s a lot more to the event than most other races,” said Bobby.

Not only the race is special.

“You hear the whispers in the restaurant,” Lori said. “Is that Mr Allison?”

But Bobby Allison is.

“The picture on my business card is my ’88 Buick,” Bobby said. “Where I won the 88 Daytona with this car.”

He can count the years.

“77, 82 and 88,” Bobby recalled.

And how often …

“Three,” said Bobby.

He won the Daytona 500.

“It’s a really great feeling, really, really great,” Bobby said.

There are legends in Nascar.

“He’s Mr. Allison to me, I don’t call him Bobby,” Lori laughed.

Some have 85 wins and 35 years worth of history.

“It’s great to see a rookie show up or a competitor who’s short on time hit the brakes,” said Bobby.

Others are being written.


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