Pentagon calls on employees to report symptoms of “Havana Syndrome”

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If you work for the military and suddenly find yourself again plagued by nausea, dizziness or a throbbing headache, the Pentagon wants to know. Pro at internal memo Received from the New York Times, the Defense Center has begun directing all military personnel, contractors and civilian workers to come upstairs if they believe they have symptoms of what is known as “Havana Syndrome”, which has afflicted foreign diplomats and intelligence officers Outside the USA

For those who didn’t know, Havana Syndrome is the term used among federal officials to describe a range of unexplained, troubling medical symptoms that are supposed to be first experience by a team of staff from the Cuban US embassy stationed in Havana back in 2016. Since then, a growing number of diplomats and staff have been working in the regions to like Beijing, Vienna, and Berlin all stepped forward and reported the same symptoms observed on Cuban soil: sudden, inexplicable headache, dizziness, and memory loss, the sometimes up to brain trauma and permanent hearing loss. The total number of people affected, as of a current NBC Report, citing those instructed on the subject, was 200 people—60 of these cases involved Department of Defense officials or their relatives.

While all federal officials agree that some causes these bizarre cases that apparently no one can agree on what this something actually is. Researchers have linked mystery syndrome to everything from Pesticide exposure to Cricket calls, while federal officials have developed their own theories that get pretty heavily into conspiracy areas and usually some sort of. include secret sonic weapon. Experts in the medical and scientific fields Community have this “gun” idea for a number of reasons, the biggest thing is that such a weapon would literally need break the laws of physics to produce some of the symptoms seen in Havana victims.

Those on the technical side, meanwhile, have pointed out how impractical and expensive such a weapon actually would be in practice. Of course, none of this has stopped current or former defense officials – including ex-Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller – from stubbornly persecuting the whole ranged weapon theory as the cases of the mysterious disease keep increasing.

The new letter in circulation among the millions of DoD staff, signed by current Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, do not refer to these theories, except that many of the reported cases were “sudden and troubling sensory events” such as noise, pressure, or heat that at the same time the symptoms began. If someone suspects they may be affected, the memo continues, the best reaction is simple: pack your shit, grab your family or co-workers, and run like hell.

“Timely reporting is important and starts with knowing what to do when you have AHI,” the memo reads, referring to the acronym for “Anomalous Health Incidents,” the usage for the disease that was recently adopted from the Biden administration. After immediately evacuating the area, they are instructed to report the incident to their chain of command along with their security officers and medical attendants.

“Each soldier, sailor, aviator, Marine, guard, civilian, and insured contractor is responsible for reporting suspected incidents through all appropriate channels,” wrote Austin. “Other people affected, such as relatives, are strongly advised to report suspected incidents.”

Well there you have it. Let’s just hope the current government’s response to these growing cases is like that less shitshow than we’ve seen in the past.

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