Plane bringing Scotty to Washington DC for photo ops makes forced landing in Hawaii – The Betoota Advocate



The nation’s fleeing prime minister has reportedly just faced some great horror.

On the way across the Pacific to snap some photos with the US President, Scott Morrison’s plane was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing.

While crossing more than half the ocean in a voyage he didn’t need to make, Morrison’s RAAF specialty jet had to land on one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

It is not yet known what the exact reason for the forced landing was as the Prime Minister refused to provide any more details about the “engine failure”.

“Let me tell you, it certainly scared me,” said the prime minister of a lockdown nation busy researching submarines and flying around the world.

“Maybe you need a Kona to calm your nerves, I guess.”

“And things are going well, so I’ll probably stop at the resort overnight and see how things go from here.”

The trip comes at a time when his prime ministers are desperately trying to find a way out of the lockdown while the prime minister is disappearing from his job for at least 3 weeks and a fortnightly quarantine awaiting him on his return.

“Give me a break, I booked this meeting ages ago,” said Morrison when asked if he really needs to go and take pictures with a guy who can’t remember his name.

“But it would be a shame if we couldn’t solve these engine problems. We hate having to “work” out of Hawaii for a few days, ”he laughed.



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