Reading of Deputy Secretary of State Don Graves’ meeting with Puerto Rico Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi


Today, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Don Graves met with Puerto Rico Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi to announce the federal government’s intention to hold an Economic Dialogue in Washington, DC in partnership with the Puerto Rico government this fall. As part of the Government’s continued commitment to Puerto Rico’s economic prosperity, we also announce that Assistant Secretary Don Graves will serve as Coordinator for Puerto Rico’s Economic Growth.

During their meeting, Deputy Secretary Graves and Gov. Pierluisi discussed the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to making Puerto Rico prosper and how the Economic Dialogue will provide mechanisms for the federal government and the Puerto Rican government to align on common policy priorities, which will benefit all of Puerto Ricans given the recent, unprecedented influx of federal money to the island.

The Deputy Secretary and Governor also discussed attracting human capital and developing the workforce, using resources from the bipartisan Infrastructure Act to develop resilient infrastructure, creating a more diversified economy by attracting new businesses and facilitating innovation and competition, as well as building capacity through data-driven solutions to improve economic growth and create long-term prosperity for Puerto Rico and its people.



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