Reading of the meeting of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel



President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel today to honor President Rivlin as he nears the end of his term and to demonstrate the continued strength of the US-Israeli partnership. President Biden expressed his unwavering support for Israel’s security and commitment to deepen cooperation between the two countries in all areas. The leaders discussed the many challenges facing the region, including the threat from Iran. The president stressed that Iran would never get a nuclear weapon under his administration. He also reassured President Rivlin that the United States remains determined to counter Iran’s malicious activities and support for terrorist agents that are having destabilizing consequences for the region.

The heads of state and government also discussed ways to improve peace and stability in the Middle East and beyond. In this context, the President expressed his strong support for the normalization of relations between Israel and other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.

Heads of State or Government also discussed recent developments in Gaza and the West Bank, and the President stressed the importance of Israel taking steps to ensure peace and stability and support greater economic opportunities for the Palestinian people. President Biden reiterated his view that a negotiated two-state solution remains the best route to a lasting peace. Leaders discussed the importance of stepping up efforts to strengthen moderate voices and promote coexistence, while weakening extremists who advocate hatred and violence.

The President warmly invited Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to an early meeting at the White House and reaffirmed that this administration looks forward to working closely with the new Israeli administration on many important issues on the bilateral agenda.




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