Remarks by Vice President Harris In Press Gaggle After Senate Vote on Anti-Inflation Bill


US Capitol
Washington, D.C

Q (inaudible) with Build Back Better?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: You know, I have to say this is a great day. And since the day we took office, the President and I and our administration have focused on reducing costs for American families through a variety of means, beginning with America’s bailout plan, which was about making sure people were on their feet during one of the worst crises in our country – the pandemic. We kept small shops open.

It was about what we did with the infrastructure bill, a bipartisan bill that’s historic in terms of what it did to strengthen roads and bridges, broadband and high-speed Internet access, and affordability for millions of Americans who didn’t have it. must contribute .

And then today, and what that means in terms of reducing the cost of prescription drugs for seniors, with the cost of insulin capped at $35 per month; what it means to give Medicare the ability to negotiate the prices of some of the most expensive and life-saving drugs.

What it will mean in relation to the climate crisis. Wildfires are burning in California. We have floods and hurricanes. An investment of $300 billion to over $300 billion and what we need to do as America to lead on this issue. And the crisis is obvious; it’s the focus of the evening news every night.

So there has been a tremendous amount of work done here to improve the condition and quality of life of the American people and specifically to address the costs of so many of the vital needs of the people.

So that was very, very important – and historical, many have said – because of the kind of work that’s going on that needs to be done, that’s cross-generational and has gone so long without that kind of leadership.

Q No doubt it will reduce inflation?

Q What does this mean for the midterms?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: We’ll see, but I think what it means is that right now, regardless of an election, the American people are being seen and – seen and heard. And one of the things that they want is for their leaders to do things that fix problems, offer solutions. What happened today is enormous in terms of the solutions offered (unintelligible).

Q Madam Vice President, how does it feel to pass the law now?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Are you saying that again?

Q How does it feel to finally pass this law after a year and a half?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: It – this is a great day. And I think there’s no question, when you think about some of the historic work that’s been done — over $300 billion to address the climate crisis — it’s extraordinary.

When we look at the morning or evening news and you see California wildfires burning, floods, hurricanes – what we will do to regain our footing as a global frontrunner on the issue of this climate crisis.

What we’re doing — long overdue — to satisfy our seniors’ need to know they won’t be paying more than $35 a month for life-saving insulin.

What will happen in terms of permission [Medicare] Negotiate drug prices to reduce prescription drug costs for people who need life-saving medicines most.

This is an example of leaders who understand that solutions are at hand when people have the willingness and courage to actually step up and solve the problems that the American people rightly believe their elected leaders will tackle .

So it’s a very important day and I’m celebrating it today.



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