‘Rising’ California to DC Trucker Convoy Could Disrupt Super Bowl – NBC4 Washington


According to an NBC News Department of Homeland Security bulletin, a potential trucker convoy from California to DC could disrupt the Super Bowl and transportation in major cities across the country.

However, the Bulletin describes the plan as “ambitious” and there are no serious signs that it will come to fruition.

DHS “has received reports from truck drivers planning to potentially block roads in major metropolitan areas in the United States, including in protest against vaccination requirements for truck drivers,” the bulletin said. “The convoy may begin as early as mid-February in California and may not arrive in Washington, DC until mid-March, potentially impacting the Super Bowl scheduled for February 13th and the State of the Union address for March 1.”

The convoy would potentially take on more riders on its way across the country to DC, the bulletin said, but there was no increase in DC hotel reservations

Law enforcement has seen leads on social media about the potential convoy and how it could affect Super Bowl safety, the bulletin said.

There is no evidence of violence, but a convoy of hundreds of trucks could cause a gridlock and disrupt transport and emergency services, the bulletin said.

The bulletin was sent to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies on Tuesday, according to NBC News.

The bulletin comes after Ottawa declared a state of emergency as the so-called Freedom Truck Convoy used hundreds of parked trucks to paralyze the Canadian capital’s business district.


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