Sanofi relaunches efforts to provide 30 ‘essential’ drugs to low-income countries – Endpoints News


A week after Sanofi promised to cut insulin prices, the pharmaceutical giant’s nonprofit unit agreed to make the lifesaving drug and 29 others available to 40 low-income countries.

Together, the drugs will form what Sanofi calls the Impact brand. They cover a range of conditions, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease to cancer, and are considered essential by the World Health Organization, the company said.

The effort falls under Sanofi’s nonprofit unit, Sanofi Global Health, which was launched last year.

“Sanofi Global Health aims to improve the lives of millions of people who are now unable to get the help they need. Sanofi’s renewed goal is to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. And our quest to improve the lives of all must include providing greater access to care and quality medicines for underserved populations,” CEO Paul Hudson said in a statement.

Glibenclamide for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and oxaliplatin for chemotherapy are also on the list, according to Sanofi.

In addition to medicines, Sanofi is creating an Impact fund to support startups seeking sustainable health solutions in underserved regions by offering funding and technical assistance. The pharmaceutical giant opens the ball with $25 million, according to a Reuters report.

“We know we cannot do it alone, so we are building partnerships at global, regional and local levels that will help improve and build health systems to achieve our goal of a healthier and more resilient world” , Jon Fairest, head of Sanofi Global Health, said in the statement.

Last Wednesday, Sanofi announced that it would reduce the monthly price of its insulins for uninsured Americans from $99 to $35. The move follows the House passing a monthly cap in March, which only 12 Republicans supported.


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