The Bonkers lawsuit to stop the Pentagon’s vaccination mandate


TMedical group MAGA, which has spent the pandemic advancing horse paste and malaria drugs as quack COVID cures, has a new crusade: sue the Pentagon to end its vaccine mandate. The lawsuit, first filed on behalf of Army and Marine Corps NCOs, has since enlisted the assistance of a Lieutenant Colonel and an Army aviation surgeon to argue their case.

Lt. Col. Theresa M. Long, who serves as Brigade Surgeon with the Army’s 1st Aviation Brigade, filed an affidavit late last week in support of the lawsuit’s motion to block the vaccine mandate and argued against the request, which was based in part on her (false ) Conviction that “all people who have received a Covid-19 vaccination are irreparably and irrevocably damaged in their cardiovascular system”.

Long did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Beast.

The affidavit was filed as part of a lawsuit by attorneys working with America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and filed on behalf of Staff Sergeants Dan Robert (USA), Hollie Mulvihill (USMC) and Anti-Vaxxer within the military, according to the group .

Legal efforts face great opportunities to overturn Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s order that governs the Armed Forces mandate to provide COVID-19 vaccination to active duty members. “We have a [Uniform Code of Military Justice] that really addresses all military issues and gives our leaders what they need to enforce standards, ”Austin said at a Senate hearing on Tuesday when asked about the mandate. “Taking the vaccine is a requirement, and again I just leave it at it.”

And despite the pushback, the military has a vaccination rate of around 70 percent against COVID-19 – remarkably high given the typically more vaccine-skeptical young men population, who make up a disproportionate part of the services.

The few officers and enlisted military personnel who went public with their opposition to the vaccination mandate are now gaining support from Republican members of Congress. For example, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), James Lankford (R-OK), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) recently drafted an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act that would undermine proposed vaccine mandate.

Long has joined a small but increasingly noisy group of field service officers encouraged by conservative activists and media as part of the right-wing crusade against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. On Fox News, hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson celebrated the likes of Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague, an Army officer who resigned because of the vaccination mandate, and Navy Commander JH Furman, who claims the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are a national security threat .

In Long’s case, her debut as an anti-vaccine expert has not (yet) reached the climax of a prime-time Fox News hit, but her treatise on the perceived dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine was written by the former Overstock CEO and the Elections promoted conspiracy theorist Patrick Byrne and AFLDS, the pro-Trump medical advocacy group behind the lawsuit.

Long’s affidavit sets out on a number of bogus and easily refutable topics of conversation against COVID vaccines.

Specifically, she highlights the presence of a small amount (0.5 micrograms) of polyethylene glycol, which she calls “a derivative of ethylene oxide” – an important ingredient in antifreeze – in the Pfizer vaccine to suggest that the vaccination is somehow dangerous. “I cannot see what form of alchemy Pfizer and the FDA discovered that would make antifreeze a healthy remedy for the human body,” the court document sounds grim.

The “Pfizer-is-filled-with-antifreeze” discussion point has become a popular myth among anti-vaxxers. So much so that a number of government health websites now have statements debunking the claim. As health officials point out, despite having a similar name, polyethylene glycol is not an active ingredient in the antifreeze. However, it is found in common over-the-counter products such as laxatives.

The affidavit also relies on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or the VAERS database to falsely claim 13,000 deaths related to COVID-19 vaccines. The database, maintained by the FDA and CDC as a sort of early warning system for vaccine side effects, allows anyone to submit unsubstantiated claims about alleged vaccine side effects. But the data in VAERS remains unchecked until justification and can often be unreliable (a prankster once listed becomes an unbelievable hulk in the VAERS database).

Instead, Long recommends that the military “evaluate and immediately implement alternatives to mRNA vaccines,” including Regeneron, Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine – the anti-malarial drug that has since been debunked as a COVID therapeutic – and ivermectin, the anti-parasitic agent that For $ 90 prescription is counseling from AFLDS.

The court record has so far contained at least one imitation oath in a similar language from a lieutenant colonel and flight surgeon of the Texas National Guard, Lt. Colonel Peter Chambers. But within the military, Long’s own court records suggest that ardent anti-vaccine attitudes may not be as widespread. Long wrote that she had encountered “mixed results in terms of acceptance, rejection and threats of punishment” in her opinions.

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