The man charged with threatening Biden said he was “coming to the White House,” the Secret Service claims


A Kansas man is being charged after he allegedly threatened to harm President Joe Biden, according to court documents released Friday.

Scott Ryan Merryman first called a police department in Independence, Kansas Tuesday and told officers he was on his way to Washington, DC to see the president, a Secret Service agent said in an affidavit in support of a Complaint.

Agents located and interviewed Merryman Wednesday in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland. After a search, the man was found in possession of three rounds of ammunition and a spotting scope, but no weapons, the agent said.

Merryman then called the White House switchboard Thursday and threatened Biden, saying he would “come into the White House and cut off the head of the serpent/Antichrist,” the agent claimed.

The Secret Service contacted Merryman after the White House switchboard operator informed them of the call. During that preservation, Merryman reportedly said he was coming with “three bullets without guns” for “sleepy Joe.”

Merryman was charged in the US District Court of Maryland with making threats against the President of the United States and interstate communications with a threat of damages.

The charges against Merryman were first reported by the Daily Beast.

The affidavit also included screenshots of social media posts shared by Merryman’s Facebook page, published between Tuesday and Thursday, which contained “a series of increasingly threatening statements”.

In a Tuesday post, Merryman said he was “going on a God-led journey to our nation’s capital” and asked his followers to “pay attention to my strategic moves for the coming days.” A Wednesday post appears to have been deleted Merryman wrote, “There will be a miracle in the White House. I believe Joe Biden is now the Antichrist and he will suffer a fatal head wound.”

Merryman was taken into custody, a senior law enforcement official confirmed Saturday.

It is unclear if Merryman had legal representation.

The US Attorney for Maryland could not be reached for comment Saturday.

Michael Kosnar contributed.


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