The Pentagon is getting a new office dedicated to UFOs


At a time when partisan disagreements in Washington, DC seem to dominate the nation’s politics, there’s at least one area where politicians from rival parties can reach agreement — and it’s UFOs. As part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, which went into effect late last year, a new agency was created within the Pentagon to review reports of unidentified flying objects.

Admittedly, the reasons given had more to do with national security and less with the possibility of aliens messing with us. “The United States needs a coordinated effort to take control and understand whether these aerial phenomena belong to a foreign government or something else entirely,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand told NBC News.

As NBC News noted in its report on the bureau, this will be the first time in many years that the government will be officially tasked with investigating UFO activity. Whether that’s a good thing depends on who you ask.

Why? Well, there is something of a history of distrust between UFO enthusiasts and government agencies. Mutual UFO Network’s Ron James addressed this in an interview with NBC. “This is a subject with a demonstrable history of secrecy, and anything that lacks a new openness to the information is subject to greater, potentially inappropriate, scrutiny,” James said.

Will the truth be out there? We may know more in the years to come – or they could be marked by an increased level of secrecy.


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