The viral Twitter thread that explains right-wing conspiracy theories – if only accidentally


You are probably familiar with this version of events. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act arrest warrant obtained in October 2016 against former Trump campaign officer Carter Page plays a central role in the overlapping notions that the campaign has been scrutinized and that the investigation was based on false information from Steele. But that is obviously not true for many reasons. For one thing, Page had left the campaign when the warrant was obtained, which didn’t prevent investigators from investigating his interactions with campaign officials, but seems to undermine the idea that the campaign, not Page, was the target. Page was a consultant who wasn’t particularly close to key figures. Federal authorities had already identified red flags on a number of other campaign officials, including the former campaign manager; have they targeted an unpaid aid advisor instead? On the other hand, the arrest warrant depended on the Steele dossier, information that has not proven to be well founded. However, this was not the only information included in the warrant application, and there was no other reason to look into Page. He was already on the FBI’s radar after a suspected Russian spy identified him as a potential recruiting target, and Page had actually traveled to Moscow in July, where he came into contact, if briefly, with a senior Russian government official.

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